Monday, September 15, 2008

We had very sad news on Friday. Allison and Chris lost their baby. She had some symptoms earlier in the week and on Friday her doctor confirmed what she already knew in her head, but didn't want to know. One thing that helped is knowing that that little being is in heaven and being looked after very well. They are able to try again in about a month and a half.

We are having a bridal shower for Emily and Andy next Saturday. It'd going to be a busy week as I help with Kids Against Hunger on Wednesday, Alair has her first day of Early Childhood on Thursday, and I have to make the food sometime. Oh well!!

Emily got her dress last Saturday and took pictures. It's very pretty and definitely her.

Kim took our truck in today to find out why it's doing some odd things. Found out it's going to cost 2500.00 dollars. That's just great!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Well, a friend called up and asked if I could alter her daughter's wedding dress. I said, sure I'd look at it. She came over and tried it on and it's no problem. Then Emily called............................ She got her engagement ring and they set the date................ This November!!!!!!!! Ok. If she waits till spring,they run into sisters having babies and she doesn't want them having a baby at the wedding. So that means now. The date is November 15 in Indiana at an inn in Pokagen State Park. Her dress will probably be off the rack and Alair will wear the same dress she wore for Allison's wedding last fall. She even said I coukld wear the same dress. I only wore it once and this is a different crowd..Besides, I hate shopping for me. Aubrey and Allison are just going to buy street length dresses that match. We are having a shower on September 27th and then a reception for our friends and relatives in December. Only about 50 people will be at the actual wedding. Most of that is our family.

Oh yeah, another girl called and asked me to alter her bridesmaid dress for her sister's wedding. I said sure. What's on more.

I do well under pressure!!!!!