Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleeping Issues

When our other kids were growing up, we kept the little ones in our room until there were two to send upstairs at once. We were cozy with a crib, toddler bed and our bed, but it worked. That way there were at least two kids together. We live in an old house with lots of noises. When Alair came along, she was in our room until she turned 5. We had the two exchange students up there and thought it would be fine and she would get used to it. She did. BUT this summer was very hot and she slept downstairs alot. So now she is six and we started upstairs again and we have crying and tantrums every night. She had her tantrums and crying also,first. It takes and hour or so to get her to sleep. I really need to pick my battles so we cleaned out the library and moved her bed and dresser and things in. Much better. And since I don't do steps that well, I don't have to go up and down several times a night. We assume she won't stay there forever?

Brandon went to Mayo this afternoon. He was admitted to the hospital in Mankato with a fever and possible seizures. He was sent to Rochester to hopefully find a diagnosis and treatment. All the tests so far have been fine.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

St. Paul Farmers Market 2

Well we went to the farmers market again Saturday. Aubrey and girls and Emily and Andy and Carly went with us this time. We also ate lunch at the same restaurant. We went to some different shops and some the same. It was a lot of fun. The kids all stayed for supper after. On Sunday,we smoked a brisket for lunch. It was really good. I also made peach pie. Emily was pretty wiped out from Saturday and we won't be doing any more days with alot of walking until after the baby comes...I think.
Emily and Emily announced that the baby's name will be Corine Lyanne. I went to a dr. visit with Emily today and got to see an ultrasound. Allison and Chris's baby's name is to be Mila Joy. Just a few weeks to go.
Alair started school today. She had mixed emotions. Last night she couldn't go to sleep. She was very excited this morning. Tomorrow she takes the bus for the first time. She has to change busses once in Waterville and then stop at Morristown and then on to her school. There will be another girl from her class on the bus with her and her driver is to get her to the next bus. Hope she can sleep tonight.
I have a dress fitting today and another tomorrow. Business is picking up. I keep my fingers crossed. Last year we drove her every day so the bus is a new thing.