Saturday, June 27, 2009

Well, I've heard from Apple a couple times since she left. Ireally do miss talking with her about things that are the same and different in our cultures. Most of the time we realized that people are the same no matter where they are from.
I was asked to sew three sashes for the Elysian royalty this year. Miss Elysian gets crowned this week. Their big celebration is on the 4th. I'm also sewing a baptism dress for Natalie. I decided to sew some doll clothes for Claire so she gets something a baptism also. I'm trying out the pattern on Alair's doll. I haven't heard from James's if they want me to bake cookies for their party on the 4th yet.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well, we have Bullhead Days this weekend. Miss Waterville coronation tonight and fireworks. We hope to go down town after the pageant and get Apple some bullheads. It's her only chance to eat the delicacy as she leaves tomorrow morning.

Aubrey ,Claire, Natalie and Allison are coming for the weekend. Allison had a car accident Wednesday. She and Milo are ok but the car was totalled. We'll have to see what insurance does. The other driver had a suspended license and ran a stop sign.

Bible school is done for another year. Hopefully next year goes better--separation anxiety,refusing to sing....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Last weekend was a lot of fun. It was very noisy and hectic, but great. The wedding was pretty, but the groom didn't smile once,not during the reception either. Can't figure that one out. Dam Days parade was good. Claire and Alair discovered the joys of parade candy. The only problem was the weekend was too short.

I got all the wood work varnished and the bathroom painted. I ordered curtains and have pictures to hang.

Apple's farewell party is today. Just a few friends she made this year and some family. I'm making some of her favorite foods. She's hoping to find saur kraut in an American super market her boy friend found in Thailand?!?!

Next week is Bullhead DAys in Waterville. Busy, busy.