Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have been doing day care for Claire and Natalie for two weeks now. It's going ok. I have just next week left. Aubrey found a wonderful woman to watch the girls. She comes highly recommended and lives about two miles down the road. Aubrey got the ok to work more hours so this will be good.
It has been so hot and humid here lately. The girls go out to play early and then come in early. The heat makes them pretty crabby.
I have a lot of cleaning to do this weekend. With the girls here every morning, I don't get hardly anything done during the week.
Aubrey wants to get some fabric for me to make a couple casual dresses for her to wear to work. The last secretary wore very casual clothes, but Aubrey likes to wear skirts and dresses. Not dress up, just nice. I'll get at that when I'm done with day care.

Friday, July 9, 2010

New Job

Aubrey started her new job on Tuesday. She is secretary at Cannon Valley Lutheran High School in Morristown. She is so excited. There is a lot of responsibility and she and Andrew Boll are both very anal and should do a very good job. The girls are staying with me for now. Aubrey is looking for permanent daycare. Andrew already asked her if she wants to work more hours. Alec doesn't want me to do the daycare. It's personal. What ever.

We took Claire and Alair to see Toy Story 3 last Saturday. It was very good. Claire didn't wear the glasses though, so she missed the 3D effect. It was her first movie in a theatre. Alair thought it was really cool!