Tuesday, January 27, 2015

National Lutheran Schools Week

  This week is National Lutheran Schools Week. The school where Alair goes has special activities all week. Today the kids baked chocolate chip cookies and invited former students and teachers to come and talk about the days they attended there. The school is close to 100 year old. It was very interesting to hear the older people talk. Some even brought pictures and report cards. You could hear the pride in their voices as they told stories of the strict teachers and how the students actually became one big family as the older students helped the younger ones and they all played at recess together. I am so glad that Alair gets to experience this too. The sad thing is, there are only 10 students attending out there in grades kindergarten thru fifth. I so wish the school would go until 8th grade. This June, two students will be leaving. If more families don't register, I'm afraid it can't stay open. After next year, Alair will be finished and we have to find another school. Also, the parents are finished as volunteers. It's hard to find volunteers these days. I have talked until I am blue in the face about the benefits of a parochial education and it really does no good. The parents that send their kids to the public school complain about many things wrong with their school system, but they don't want to try the alternative. We pray and pray.  We can't give up on the kids.

Monday, January 12, 2015

House of Living Stones

I have been kind of ADHD for quite a while. I can't seem to stay at one thing for very long. Especially reading. And I love to read. My mind goes from one thing to another. I preordered House of Living Stones by Katie Schuermann.  I started reading it in November.  I'm almost finished with it. 2 chapters left. It os a very light story about an LCMS congregation in a small town. Very light reading. I can't believe how long it took me. I was happily surprised when about a week before the book arrived, I got a hand written card from the author thanking me for my purchase and hoping I like the book. I do.
 More on the wandering mind.....I start in the kitchen doing dishes, then unload the dryer. I carry the unfolded laundry into the living room and drop it in the basket. I see some of my 33 year old daughter's things sitting on a table that she left here. I take it in the kitchen and do some more dishes. I then check face book and go into the bathroom and clean out the sink. I will iron 2 shirts and then decide I better start in my latest sewing project. Load the washer and dryer, oh yeah...finally finish dishes. Phone rings and talk to whomever....where was I? Right...vacuuming the living room. This is by 10:00 am. I am not kidding. Probably why I can't spend much time reading.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The pool is warm...82 degrees. The building is not...60 degrees. So far I went out yesterday and today. I actually feel better mentally. I really enjoy swimming. It clears my head and I get to plan out my day. I am working up to an hour again. It shouldn't take too long. Today was 45 minutes. I hope I can keep with it. Not because I quit swimming, but because of the cost to keep it heated.


I really must be getting old. When the older kids were in school, it really wasn't a big deal in the winter to go to activities in the evening. We were always at basketball, gymnastics, dance line, play practice and band and choir concerts. I just hate going out now.  I know that's why we won't have an exchange student for a few years. I always encourage them to be active in school here so they meet lots of kids. That means going out late at night to get them from away games and competitions. As we have a 9 year old, we only go to home games. It gets too late. Today it was 5 degrees when I came home from doing lunch duty at Alair's school. Tomorrow it will be -40 wind chill. School will probably be late. I have Bible study at 9:30 in the morning. Probably not going.