Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time

So I have been a little busy. I also made 4 stockings and a dress for out pastor's daughter. Finished that one Thursday before Christmas. Erik's future in laws came over for supper on Friday. I made Boeuf Bourguignon from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. I have made it before and knew it took alot of time, so I did it the day before. It also tastes better if it sits a day or so. Kind of like chili or soup. It is very good. Christmas Eve we had goose that a friend of ours shot. That was very good too, except we had been eating all afternoon and not that hungry. Christmas Day we had taco burgers and leftovers. Monday, leftovers. Tuesday,leftovers. Then froze what was left or just got rid of it. Wednesday, Kim is grilling. Nice weather in Minnesota for December. No snow. Strange.

I'm trying to get motivated to get back at things. Kim and I are taking Alair to see War Horse in the next couple days. We don't get to do much with just her. I do have some other projects to do now too. Still have to mail our Christmas Cards. Better get on that!

The Little Ones

This is Alair and our 7 grandchildren. Always exciting when they are together, although it is like herding cats.
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These are the ornaments I made....36 all together. The back side of the white ones is blue with a snowflake on it. The gnomes are just cute. I made 10 aprons..2 boys aprons...all different. I sold 4 and the rest were for granddaughters and Alair.
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This is a pures I felted and a purse I made for Aubrey.
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Alair's Christmas Dress

This is the dress I made for Alair. She picked out the pattern and I picked out the fabric. She wanted pink or purple. She got both!
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day Off

I decided with the RLS and projects I have to work on that we wouldn't have Sunday Dinner this week. Kim also brought in the wood for the shelves in the kitchen, so it's not very convenient to have people here. I miss everyone being here, but it's kind of nice to have just us three here.

I received a letter from my friend Kris yesterday. That got me to thinking about how we communicate these days. I really like FaceBook to keep in touch with people far away. By the time they would get a letter in the mail(sometimes 2 weeks)the news wouldn't be fresh any more. I like texting with my girls when we happen to be watching the same tv program like DWTS and we just need to convay some thought such as, did you see that dress? Or American Idol, Why did he audition? Or when Kim is on the way home and wants to know if I need him to stop somewhere. Emails are great and alot of times I print them so they don't accidently stay on a computer that then quits and I have no email addresses or unprinted letters. Yup, that happened this summer and we still haven't retreived any of it. Hand written letters are special though. They tell me that I meant enough to this person to take the time to find paper and a decent pen to write with. To think about what to write and not just a few notes and updates, but what she is feeling and doing, little interesting things that probably aren't importanr enough to put in an email, but I am glad she thought to tell me them. I often think about elderly relatives and think I should send them a card with a letter just telling what we are doing and asking how they are. I usually don't do it though, because I think I am too busy. I will do it tomorrow. The only problem is tomorrow never comes. After getting this letter and realizing how good it made me feel, I am going to try sending hand written letters more often.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3rd

Well last Saturday I slept all night for the first time in several weeks. Last night I didn't sleep much at all and spent the night moving my legs. I did have coffee after supper, so I guess I won't be doing that again. I hope that was the problem.
I have the purple brides maid dress almost done. Hannah comes for the final fitting today. The top fits and I just have to deal with the hem. The part I hate doing.
All the kids were here last weekend for Evelyn's birthday. It was so nice having them all here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I realized about 6 weeks ago that I have Restless Leg Syndrome. It's one of those things that either you have it or don't. I went to the doctor last week and was put on a medication. It takes time to work and it really isn't yet. The pain in my legs and not getting much sleep most nights is taking a toll on me. I generally start going down hill mid morning and need a nap shortly after lunch. It's getting hard to be motivated to get all my sewing done. It's difficult to have another problem that won't just go away. Once you have RLS, you have it always.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23

Where do I start? I have been sewing lots. The bridesmaid dress I'm working on is coming. It had to go from a 22 to a 16. Don't know what the store was thinking when it was ordered. Normally this isn't a difficult thing, bit the bust seams need to be moved and that means also the stays. That is a pain. I'm also making sleepers for the little ones. And Emily gets a birthday present. She turned 30 on the 18th. I am making Christmas ornaments and gifts for Grandchildren.
I am getting tired of the chaos in the house too. The living room needs painting. It's ready....I just need to do it....after some of the sewing gets done. Kim is going to make book shelves for the kitchen...after he gets more wood cut and Erik's gun cabinet finished. Then I will paint the kitchen too. Yellow and red. I really like that combination.
I would like to have Ashley's family over for supper as they are engaged now, but I would like to have the painting done first. We shall see.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Last Wednesday,I took Emily to be monitored as she had a bad headache and her blood pressure was quite high. Every time she sat up, her bp went up and when she laid down, it went down. The baby was fine. They decided to keep her and try to relieve her headache. The next morning her headache was worse, so Corine Lyanne was born. She weighed 7lbs. and 6oz. Kim and I tool Carly to see her new sister right away. She wasn't impressed. Emily and the baby came home on Sunday.

Sunday morning, Allison called and said she felt funny and asked a few questions and I told her I thought she would go into labor soon. She did. She was admitted early Monday morning. After 3 hours of real labor and one push, Mila Joy was born. 7 lbs even. We will be going to see them this weekend.

I have been trying to get my sewing projects done, but it has been going pretty slowly. Maybe after this weekend things will get to a new normal and I can accomplish something.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleeping Issues

When our other kids were growing up, we kept the little ones in our room until there were two to send upstairs at once. We were cozy with a crib, toddler bed and our bed, but it worked. That way there were at least two kids together. We live in an old house with lots of noises. When Alair came along, she was in our room until she turned 5. We had the two exchange students up there and thought it would be fine and she would get used to it. She did. BUT this summer was very hot and she slept downstairs alot. So now she is six and we started upstairs again and we have crying and tantrums every night. She had her tantrums and crying also,first. It takes and hour or so to get her to sleep. I really need to pick my battles so we cleaned out the library and moved her bed and dresser and things in. Much better. And since I don't do steps that well, I don't have to go up and down several times a night. We assume she won't stay there forever?

Brandon went to Mayo this afternoon. He was admitted to the hospital in Mankato with a fever and possible seizures. He was sent to Rochester to hopefully find a diagnosis and treatment. All the tests so far have been fine.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

St. Paul Farmers Market 2

Well we went to the farmers market again Saturday. Aubrey and girls and Emily and Andy and Carly went with us this time. We also ate lunch at the same restaurant. We went to some different shops and some the same. It was a lot of fun. The kids all stayed for supper after. On Sunday,we smoked a brisket for lunch. It was really good. I also made peach pie. Emily was pretty wiped out from Saturday and we won't be doing any more days with alot of walking until after the baby comes...I think.
Emily and Emily announced that the baby's name will be Corine Lyanne. I went to a dr. visit with Emily today and got to see an ultrasound. Allison and Chris's baby's name is to be Mila Joy. Just a few weeks to go.
Alair started school today. She had mixed emotions. Last night she couldn't go to sleep. She was very excited this morning. Tomorrow she takes the bus for the first time. She has to change busses once in Waterville and then stop at Morristown and then on to her school. There will be another girl from her class on the bus with her and her driver is to get her to the next bus. Hope she can sleep tonight.
I have a dress fitting today and another tomorrow. Business is picking up. I keep my fingers crossed. Last year we drove her every day so the bus is a new thing.

Monday, August 29, 2011

St Paul Farmers Market

Friday, as Kim, Alair and I were driving home from shopping in Mankato, I got the idea to go to the St. Paul farmers market on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I called Kris Felber and we decided to go the next day instead. Kris and I had talked about meeting there earlier in the summer. We got there about 9am and were just in awe. The first thing we saw was a stand with the most beautiful flowers. Alair picked out a dark purple arrangement and it only cost six dollars. There were so many vegetables and they were quite inexpensive. Needless to say, we bought a lot. Next, we went to Grand Avenue and ate at Axel's Firepit. The food was very good and they had a nice gluten free menu for Kris. After that,shopping! There's a nice yarn store down the street and I got some wool felting things there. We also went to Penzys spices and bought some interesting smelling things. There are other stores we want to go to the next time we go up there, hopefully this Saturday with the kids. On the way home I was trying to come up with something to make for dinner on Sunday and DUH,vegetable soup. It was very good.I also made a raspberry pie. Yum!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

We went up to the State Fair yesterday. Aubrey and the girls and Emily, Andy and Carly. It was a lot of fun and very tiring. We had decided to leave when Emily said she had enough. Being 8 months pregnant, she isn't able to walk a long time. She did last about 4 hours though. We saw almost everything we wanted to. The girls all loved the animals the best. soft bunnies and big horses most. We all ate way too much. They all stayed at our home for supper and baths. It was a very good day and we all had a great time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22

We had a very busy weekend. Alair had her birthday party with friends and nieces on Friday. They swam and ate pizza and wore hula skirts and leis and played in her room. She had a blast.
Saturday we went to mankato and bought food for Sunday. We went for burgers at the legion for supper and then to Louise and Al's for dessert. The Vikings didn't start until 9:00 pm, so I was up pretty late. Everyone else went to bed.
Sunday, we had tacos for lunch and byo sundaes. Alair got some more presents and most stayed through supper. We watched Carly for the evening and Alair and Carly fought alot as they were both very tired. Finally put on Little House on the Prairie and they both watched it.
Today I am baking oatmeal raisin cookies for Christine to ship to her brother. He is on a ship somewhere and had surgery to remove an infection from his rear. I guess he's in a lot of pain. Hope cookies help.

Friday, August 19, 2011

6 years

Six years ago today, a little girl was born with alcohol and cocaine in her system to a mother addicted to drugs and who used just about everything there was all the time. The little girl did not go through withdrawal. She was put on a 72 hour hold at the hospital as she was born on a Friday. Monday morning, I got a phone call from the county asking if we wanted a baby. We were foster parents. I said sure. She came with a few diapers, a couple bottles of formula and a sleeper. I thought she would go back to birth parents after they were released from treatment. That was not to be. We decided when she was four months old, that if the opportunity arose we would adopt her. It did and when she was 21 months old she legally became ours. We were able to have her baptized the week before that. We have never regretted the decision. Last year she started kindergarten and successfully graduated in May. At this point there are no symptoms of FAS or anything else. Her mother did not want to continue the pregnancy, but it was too late by the time she talked to her doctor about it. Thank God it was!!! This world and our family would not get to have this wonderful little girl be a part of it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Got to Thinking.....

When we had little ones, we would got to my parents for Sunday Dinner most Sundays after church. My brother, his wife and their children would be there and sometimes our sister and her kids. Dad always loved these days. Mom did most of the cooking until her car accident in 1987. We would stay the afternoon and usually find something for supper also. Dad always played with the grandkids and they loved climbing on him. He would carry around a fussy baby for what seemed hours. After the accident we would bring meals down there at times, but found it esier to have the family here at our home. Which we tried to do often. Holidays were here and my siblings and families would come some other times, but not so often. Flash forward to now.... Most of the kids come here for Sunday Dinner,after church, most Sundays. Kim's sister and her husband come often. The kids stay most of the day and then find supper out of the leftovers in the fridge. I get to rock little ones to sleep in the afternoon for their naps and usually fall asleep with them. I just love these days and hope I am blessed with many years of Sundays.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Is this heat ever going to end? The humidity ia high and it's hard to do anything outside. We can't use the pool right now because we don't have sand for the filter. We ordered it three weeks ago and it still hasn't shown up. If it's not here this week ,Kim is going to get it somewhere else. Yeah, oh duh, but we try to buy locally when we can and support our little community.
I can't believe it's the first of August already. I don't know where the summer went. CVLHS starts in three weeks. Alair will start the day after Labor Day. We will be having two birthday parties for her this year. One with school friends and one with family. She wants a Hawaiian themed party with grass skirts. Should be fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goings On

Emily, Andy, and Carly are in Indiana tying up some things and visiting friends and family. All of Emily's maternity clothes and new baby things were still there and other things that they need. They took Aubrey's minivan.

My 35th class reunion was Saturday. It was alot of fun. Before that Kim and I saw the final Harry Potter movie. It was very good. Alair stayed with Aubrey and had lots of fun playing with her nieces.

Sunday we went to Louise's church for their ice cream social. I was disappointed with the food. The hot beef was too salty and the dessert Alair had just didn't taste good. Usually the food is really good.

I have been feeling out of sorts lately. I'm not sure what's wrong. I feel down and just want to sleep, yet I am very restless and want to get a lot of things done. I am on the verge of tears and worried about finances. I know it doesn't do any good to worry. Things always work out and usually I don't waste my time. I just don't know where this is coming from. Menopause?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I don't know what it is about change that energises me. My shop all organized and then ordering business cards. Moving my office to the shop and moving Kim into my old office and redoing the library. Putting a guest room in Alair's old room and moving her into the other room. I got a haircut today and Kim and I and Alair are going shopping this aternoon. Emily cleaned the pool house and now I feel like entertaining. I hope the energy continues.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I heard the only pace on the planet with a higher dew point is the Amazon. It hit 81.The heat index hit 112. I really don't know how people can work outside in this heat. You just melt going out the door. We have a pool and have een using it quite a bit. Today, Kim and I got a lot done in the house. He's moving his office into my office. I am now out in the shop. That's ok. I like my shop and now I get to actually have a library. Kim isn't crazy about the color of the office. It's dark and light purple. I said we could paint the light purple gold. Right, Vikings fans? Aubrey is taking the desk from the office. We do a lot of musical furniture in our family. People keep getting "new" things that way.
Emily brought chicken for supper and then to the pool.

Friday, July 15, 2011


The story about the young Jewish boy abducted and murdered on his way home from summer camp raises questions about when should you let your kids gain some independence. When I was young there were some crazy people in the world, but it wasn't like it is now. We could be gone all day and just come back for supper and parents never really worried. Other parents also watched out for you. Everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. My husband could ride his bike to his dad's office downtown when he was 6 or 7. Now there is no way a young child would be able to ride the same route at that age. Kids need to become independent....but when is the right time to start the process. Do you always live in fear? You pray that your kids are safe and put them in God's care....and then just do the best you can.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Zoo

Chris and Allison and Evelyn came down this weekend and wanted to go to the zoo. So after listeneing to the weather for several days we decided to go on Friday. Very warm, but not so humid. We went right after lunch. It was a lot of fun and everyone was totally exhausted after 5 hours of walking in the heat. We went to eat supper at Chili's and it was really good too. I had fajitas and they were so tastey!

Saturday, Allison and I went to Walmart to get a few things for supper.Got home and finished getting supper ready. The kids were all here for lunch and then we all went swimming. Little ones took naps and some good friends came for a visit in the afternoon. Kris wanted to see my shop. I have been organizing it. I didn't get a chance when I moved in last fall. I am sorting all the fabrics and notions etc. It's a huge mess out there, but I showed them anyway. For supper Erik, Ashley, Andy, Christine, and Brandon joined us. Alot of food was consumed and it was another late night. We ate leftovers for lunch on Sunday and then Allison and Chris leat for home.Emily and Andy soon after and Aubrey and girls stayed for naps and then left. It was so quiet. Alair and i went out to the shop and started clening again. Alair wanted to look through buttons. I have large containers from my Mom and Kim's Mom and my own collection. Our parents lived through the depression and always cut buttons off garments before disposing of them usually after they were totally worn out. Sometimes I feel guilty for not doing that myself. If Something has really cute or different buttons,I will keep them, but not just regular ones. Anyway, Alair stayed at it for 3 hours, sorting and picking out her "special ones". I think she really needed some time to unwind after the busy weekend. I will have the shop done in a couple days and then can start sewing again. I will also do more organizing in the house. Still gotta get Alair's room done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Friday we went to Wisconsin with Emily, Andy and Carly to get the bed. It was 100 degrees and the air conditioning wasn't working! It worked the day before. We left at 8am and didn't get back until 4:30. All we could think about was getting in the pool when we got home. And it was wonderful!!! It was really nice seeing Kris and her house. She has it decorated very nicely.

Saturday I mixed up cookie dough and put it in the refridgerator. We had a wedding in the afternoon for the son of a friend I have had since 1st grade. It was held at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista. The place was just beautiful! The ceremony was held outdoors overlooking a lake. There was a nice breeze. We didn't stay too late. We had left Alair with Emily and they went to the beach in Elysian and bar-be- qued for supper.

Sunday I finally got to go to church and Bible Study. With illness, baptism and other things I hadn't been able to go for over a month. It was really nice to go. Aftr lunch I started baking cookies and got done about 9:oo. I did have to mix up some more dough.

Monday we went to North Morristown for the parade. Aubrey and Alair were in it. After the parade, we ate there and just hung around for a little. Alair had a total meltdown about the guns being shot. There were lots of them. I was surprised as this hadn't happened before. We then went home and went swimming. I had to go back to North Morristown and help with rides. It was a beautiful day.

This week I have Claire and Natalie here as their day care is closed. I should get a lot done.

Monday, June 27, 2011

SO I got Brandon's outfit finished. Andy didn't pick it up until Saturday night. He looked very handsome in it. Lunch at Andy and Christine's was good. They grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and everyone else brought other things. Christine wouldn't let me hold the baby. I guess too much stimulation. Whatever.

After that Kim and I went to Louise and Al's to deliver our Christmas gift to them. They don't need anything and are impossible to buy for,so we decided we would cook a full meal for them and 3 other couples. Anything they wanted. Well they decided to host an association meeting where they live. Appetizer, salad and dessert for 24 people. needless to say this was more work and more expensive than the full meal would have been. I made sesame wings, hot taco dip, rueben dip, shrimp spread, a big bowl of fruit, pasta ham salad and a blueberry and a nectarine cobbler. Also deviled eggs. Almost all of the food was gone and really I made a lot.

Today I took apart a bridesmaid dress for a wedding we are invited to on Saturday. Aubrey and the girls came over and we started sorting through clothes and cleaning and organizing bedrooms upstairs. Allison and Chris and Evelyn will be coming next weekend so we should have a bigger bed than a twin size. We will be going to my friend Kris's in Wisconsin to pick up the bed she bought from my Grandma many years ago and offered back to me.

I got the order for 60 dozen cookies for James Brothers for the 4th of July. I plan on mixing them up on Friday and baking Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

Brandon's Baptism

This is the outfit I made for Brandon and this is the whole family minus Allison, Chris and Evelyn who couldn't make it down.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have been thinking about how I get things done lately, or don't. I have realized that if I have a deadline of some sort, compamy coming, wedding, graduation, etc., I get a lot done. The problem is, I generally know how long it will take to do things. I don't start until I have to. I don't rush and I get done usually as the people are coming in the door. It's the same with sewing. I am making Brandon's baptism outfit for this Sunday and I got it cut out yesterday. I will sew it today and tomorrow. I have other projects to do in the house, painting and cleaning. I just am not motivated to do them because there isn't a deadline. I have had sewing jobs to do for people and they have said no hurry. I finally got around to it a year later. Really! I also realized that since I reached a certain age
, I get distracted easily. I just go from one thing to another. That never used to happen to me. Also, I am a morning person. During the school year I get more done as I get up and get the kids out the door. Now I have a 5 year old who likes to sleep in and my sewing is out in my shop. It's hard to leave her in the house alone. She could play outside but it had been raining alot this year. It is right now. So what do I do? Read blogs and wait for her to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed and by then it's lunch time. It's hard to rush Alair. I will go out for an hour or two and get Alair set up with some art project and then it's time to get supper ready. I sometimes go out after supper if I need to get something done soon,which I probably will do tonight or tomorrow. I also do better if I have several things to get done at the same time. I really do well under pressure. The busier I am, the more I get accomplished. Isn't that profound?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Thursday I took Alair and HyeIn and we went to see Christine and Brandon. I got a couple pictures and Christine reluctantly let me hold him. Very cute. after that we met Kim at the Singing Hills Cafe and had lunch. Ryan was there "copping" for Waterville and we had a nice talk. Friday Emily and family went there and he was there again.

Friday we went to Carmen's for Bible Study and then I had to get ready for the Lia Sophia party on Saturday. I made brunch for it and cleanrd house.

The party went well and we were going to go shopping after and out for supper. The whole family was going. Alair had a high fever and that just stopped everything. Emily and family and Marty went any way. HyeIn went to a friend's. Aubrey went home to do some work. Kim went to Aubrey's and did some stuff. I stayed home and did nothing. Alair was still throwing up this morning so Kim went to church with Aubrey. The kids came over for lunch and we grilled burgers. I made a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie that was very good. Alair's fever broke a short time ago but still doesn't feel well.

Tomorrow we take HyeIn to the airport to go home. It will be very quiet here when she leaaves.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Minus One

Yesterday we took Nina to the airport. We had some mixxed feelings about her leaving. While we got used to her stereotypical German arrogance and being very opinionated, she was a sweet girl and never meant to hurt anyone. It is a relief to not have to be responsible for another teenager. We will miss her.

Yesterday was also the Bullhead Days parade. It rained and was quite cool. The little ones got an awful lot of candy though.

Saturday I babysat Claire and Natalie while Aubrey met her group of friends from high school for a get-together. Everything went major meltdowns. Allison and Evelyn came down Friday afternoon to watch Alair in the Jr. Miss Waterville Pageant. She didn't get her name drawn, but didn't care. She had fun and that was the main point.

I hope to get to see Brandon this week. They were coming yesterday, but the weather wasn't nice for a premature baby to be at a parade in. I have to start his baptism outfit this week.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Many Things

So many things have happened since my last post.

We have a new grandson. Brandon Alexander was born on Friday, May 27th. He was a little over a month premature. He had some issues breathing, but that is better. He needs a tube for feeding yet, but is improving. Hopefully he will be able to go home soon. I have not been able to see him as we have had a nasty virus.He weighed 7lbs. 1oz. Good size!

While Brandon was being born, our exchange students were graduating. I can't believe they are almost ready to go home! Nina leaves this coming Sunday. We had a party for five of the fes on the 29th. It was nice and lots of school kids came.

Memorial Day we left for the Black Hills in South Dakota. Aubrey and her girls went with. We came home on Thursday. It was alot of fun. The exchange students had a great time. We saw the Corn Palace, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, buffalo at Custer State Park, and the Trial of Jack McCall for the shooting of Wild Bill Hickock in Deadwood. We saw the shooting twice at Saloon number 10. We also had an old time picture taken.

Thursday, the 26th, Alair graduated from Kindergarten. It was great. She and Ashley had to recite what they had learned over the past year and then got a diploma from one of the board members. After that all the students put on a play, The Three Piggy Opera. It was so cute.

Saturday was Alair and Claire's dance recital. It lasted three hours as it was with Mankato. Way too long. Next year we are going to change dance schools to one that is closer and smaller.

This week we have VBS, Junior Miss Waterville Pageant, in which the winner's name is drawn out of a hat, and Miss Waterville Pageant, and Bullhead Days and Nina goes to the airport Sunday morning and hopefully we get back for the parade Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Busy Times

Last weekend was crazy and I don't see it changing any time soon. Saturday we went to a Lia Sophia party at Emily's home. It was nice and I ordered a couple things, but realized the only way I could afford the ring I wanted was to host a party. So I am. In June. After Bullhead Days. After that we went to the Spring Salad Luncheon at Louise's church. It was nice. Then for supper we went to the Legion in Elysian for burgers. Then ice cream at the little stand there.

Sunday we went for coffee at the local cafe with all the kids. Then they all came oveer for hotdogs. We had a mandatory pre-departure orientation we had to go to with the fes in the afternoon. Then the kids came for supper.

Alair got the viris that Claire, Natalie, and Aubrey had. She coughs just horribly at night and for a long time. Cough medicine helps but she usually starts in before I can give her any more. She has missed two days now, so I hope she can go to school tomorrow. She has a couple assignments due yet and graduates Thursday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The flower girl dress made it in time and the little girl said she felt like a princess. That is really why I sew. I want people to look good and they look much better when their clothes fit right. I love it when someone comes with a prom dress or wedding dress and it doesn't fit right and they leave and it really looks good.

Christine and Andy made their weekly trek to the er on Sunday. Her blood pressure was way up and now she is on total bed rest. I am to take her to her appointment on Thursday.

Got Nina's costume almost done. The play is Friday. Should finish today. I need to clean and catch up in the house.

Friday Alair's school is going to Como Zoo. The girls are all going too. Kim is driving the bus. Should be fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Monday I went with Christine to have a level 2 ultrasound. Things have changed in the last 22 years. It was neat to see the baby move and yes it definitely is a boy. She had another appointment today and her protein levels are up to 284....300 is the number where the baby has to be born. Andy thinks next week. Christine does not feel well and is pretty swollen. She is on modified bed rest. The baby is breathing so they will get to give birth in Mankato. Yippee! Oh yeah! Her due date isn't until June 27.

I got the flower girl dress done and shipped. The wedding is Saturday and I hope it gets there. I just couldn't spend 25 dollars for express shipping. Tonight I will start Nina's play costume. Then the baptism outfit.

Tomorrow I go with Emily to her doctor appointment. Then buy food for Natalie's birthday party on Saturday. Busy,busy,busy!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I think I finally somewhat understand how homeschooling parents feel. We decided to send our 5 year old to a VERY small Lutheran school. It had been going for about 100 years. For various reasons it closed two years ago. It opened last fall again.My husband and I jumped at the chance to send Alair there. We knew the teacher and she had many years of christian school teaching experience. There were 6 kids, grades k-2. People thought it was great that we were sending our daughter there, but it wasn't for them. They just complained about the over crowding of the public school. Now I have nothing against the teachers in the public school. I know almost all of them and they are wonderful. I just don't like the teacher-student ratio and we want Alair to have a Christian education where the teacher can use Bible stories and references when she wants. Anyway, last week a parent of a girl that was with Alair in ECFE last year came up to me in the local grocery store and asked if Alair was coming to public school next year. I said no. This mother looked puzzled and asked how many kids were going there. Well 4 now, more to start in the fall. She said "You like that?" I said yes. She said "You know she has to come into the real world some time." I was shocked and didn't know what to say.Now really, Alair goes to dance and Sunday School. She plays with her nieces several times a week. We have two exchange students living with us this year and have had others she remembers. In her school one of the students is from India. There are Lutherans, a Baptist, and a Catholic going there. How much more diverse can it get? Next year there will be boys, too! For Mother's Day, these girls set a table with table cloth, china, and glass glasses and made name cards, Mother's Day cards, and painted clay pots and planted flowers in them for us mothers. Yesterday they served us breakfast. They pulled out our chairs. The two first graders read a prayer and the two kindergarteners read the menu. Then they took our plates to the kitchen and brought us food. Then they sat down by us to eat also. They got us seconds if we wanted and when we were done they cleared the table and did dishes. Public school? I don't think so. I also don't know how many kindergarten classes are doing three book reports in the last month of school. Alair's is. I think in the end the public school kids are missing out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Both Good Looking Couples

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HyeIn's Prom Dress

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I started HyeIn's dress Wednesday after Palm Sunday. I worked on it as much as I could. Everyone was here for Easter and I had to clean house some and there is always laundry to do. Plus driving kids around. Easter was very nice. The temp was warm and the kids were outside all afternoon. They were awfully tired too as we had gotten up to go to 6:00 church. I sewed every day this last week except Thursday. Emily and I went to Mankato to get the embellishments for the dress and then went to the hospital to stay with Christine until Andy got there. She was admitted with high blood pressure and a severe headache she had for 3 days..She was released late afternoon. I made the garters on Friday and most of the dress got done then. I finished it Saturday morning. It was hard to have fittings when there were track meets. Both girls looked beautiful. They had a great time. We took Francis home after Sunday Dinner with all kids present and Louise and Al. Now I can relax....till the next big project.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I got the dresses done for Mummes. I should have gotten them done on Saturday after the fitting. That was my plan anyway. Christine and Andy came over. Andy and Erik put in new u-joints in the truck. Christine has been having issues with her family so she stayed here all afternoon and talked. Emily, Andy and Carly came over for Supper also. I really didn't feel like sewing at 9:30 in the evening. Sunday we went to Mankato after church. The fes had to go shopping. When we got home Andy, Christine, Erik and Ashley were here and stayed for supper. I was tired! I finished the dresses Monday and delivered them on the way to a wake (for Al's mom). Yesterday I started HyeIn's dress. Tomorrow I go shopping with Aubrey.

HyeIn has a prom date finally. A friend from South Korea is an exchange student in Plymouth. He said he would go with her. Now we just have to somehow get the paperwork tomorrow!

Got to go get sewing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


April 10th was the 8th annual dinner fund raiser for CVLHS. There was a wonderful pork dinner and great desserts. Two students talked about their trip to Germany and then the German teacher talked. Then it was my turn. As the day went on, I got more and more nervous. I did have notes and got flustered only omce. I wanted to get accross to people to just try these schools. There really is a need to arm our kids daily with weapons they can use against the assaults of the world. It must have been a good idea, because when I was done Andrew Boll, the administrator spoke of arming the kids just as " Mrs. Lloyd has said."

On Saturday, I attended a shower for the bride-to-be of a son of one of my friends from school. I guess it's pay back time as I have asked several friends to showers for my kids and now I am getting asked. It's nice to be on this side though and not have to think about all the wedding drama that can go on and just enjoy the time with friends.

Alair and Claire had dance pictures in the afternoon. They went quite smoothly.

Sunday the kids came for dinner. Louise and Al came also. I got lots of Birthday cards and another purse from HyeIn. It was very nice. I was starting to get nervous already though.

I am coming along on the dresses for Mummes. Although I am starting to panic about getting HyeIn's prom dress done. I want to start it Monday. I can only hope.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Weekend

We had a really great weekend! Saturday we went shopping with Aubrey and the girls. We got the things we needed for Sunday dinner. When we got home about 5:30, we had to make supper, pizza, and then start cooking for the next day. Aubrey made the cake layers and the pineapple curd for the dessert. Assembled the next morning. I cut up all the vegetables and chicken and then Kim sous cheffed while I cleaned up. We got it all done by 8:15. Sunday after church and Bible Study Aubrey assembled the cake and I made the taquitos and Spanish Rice. It was all very good. We did eat late though. It took longer than I thought.
I watched Carly yesterday afternoon. Dakota got out on Emily right before she had to leave. She left and Dakota came back about a half hour later. That dog is going to be trouble.

I started on the Confirmation/Easter dresses. I want to get them done first because I think the prom dress is going to take the most time. The two dresses I'm doing now should be done next week if I can work fairly uninterrupted.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yesterday was very busy for me. I took Alair to school and then finished up Jen's dress. Did more laundry, took Alair's dance shoes to class as I had forgotten them in the morning, took juice to Emily,Fixed supper, went to Alair's conference,and picked up HyeIn at 10:45 from her track meet. Kim went in to pick up Nina after soft ball practice.

Alair's conference went very well. Her teacher said she usually has notes on each student so she can tell the parents things they need to improve. She couldn't think of anything for Alair. She did bring me to tears though. She said Alair is just a joy to have in school. She has a positive attitude and is always smiling. Sometimes when she has conferences, she has a hard time coming up with positive things to tell parents. She can get a read on kids. With Alair she said she can tell she will just keep doing great at what ever she does. She said "And I'm sure you already know this, but Alair is just a blessing to have." Sniff. We always thought this, bur it's nice to have it affirmed.

Alec cancelled his visit with the girls. Now they won't see him for another 3 weeks. They are disappointed. Aubrey hopes they don't start thinking he is unreliable. He kind of is.

Jen came and picked up her dress yesterday. They fly to Texas today. It is snug now and won't fall off.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Emily and Andy took Carly to urgent care on Friday. They couldn't get an appointment at the Dr. She has an ear infection and bronchialsomething, which leads to pneumonia. She also was dehydrated. She is getting better. Finally sleeping, eating and drinking. Hope it continues. Emily, on the other hand, is not getting better. Her hyperemesis gravidarum is really bad. She really can't keep anything down. She has a prescription for Zofran and a suppository that she takes as prescribed, but it's not helping alot. She plans on calling her Dr. today. The fear is dehydration and hospitalization.

I got Aubrey's dress done yesterday. Jen came over Saturday, and her dress doesn't need as much alteration as I would have thought. Just taking in the bust. I still had to take it all apart.but it shouldn't take too long to finish. She will be here to pick it up today or tomorrow. I do have to get going on it.

Kim grilled chicken yesterday. It was very good. I also made potato salad and baked beans. Hummingbird Cake for dessert. Yum!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday 3/25/2011

Alair went to school today, finally. Still tired but feeling better. Nina and HyeIn were running late today. They are staying at Cassie's tonight after the Boys Basketball Team plays at Target Center. That way they can get up and go to Target Center again in the morning. Nina forgot pajamas, so when I go in to pick them up to take to the bank to get forms for their Band trip notorized I can take her pajamas in.
A good high school friend of Emily,Jen, called me yesterday. Emily and I had seen her Mom at Sam"s last week. It seems Jen is in a wedding next weekend and her dress is to be delivered sometime tomorrow. When she ordered it, she had just given birth and wasn't sure what size she would be by now. They ordered the size she wore then,last fall. There was some glitch and she gets the dress Saturday. She doesn't know if she will need alterations or not, but talking to her Mom she will. She has lost the weight and isn't nursing any more. She will call me and bring the dress down this weekend. They fly out to the wedding Wednesday. I usually do good under pressure.
The snow is again melting. The birds are singing and the waters are rising. Spring>

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March Snow

Tonight the WEM boys basketball team plays at Williams Aren at the U of M. It rained all day yesterday and then turned to snow. It is very windy also. That is typical for tournament time. Nina and HyeIn will go up in the band bus.If or when the team wins, they play Friday at Target Center. Very exciting.

Alair stayed home yesterday. I wasn't sure how sick she really was, and then she started throwing up. She is home again today. Aubrey was here yesterday afternoon also, not feeling well yet. She and the girls stayed for supper. They have a Daddy visit today, and Alec had stayed at his parents condo last night. St. Cloud schools are closed today. I'm glad he was thinking ahead. Aubrey called that the roads up to the Cities were pretty bad.

I hope to get out to the shop sometime today and work on Aubrey's dress some more.

Monday, March 21, 2011


All the kids and in-laws were here for Sunday Dinner. Chris spit a rolled rib roast and it was wonderful. We sang Happy Birthday to HyeIn and Erik. Ashley brought chocolate covered bacon as a joke. The joke was on her as we all liked it. The homemade ice cream was very good too. I think Evelyn will probably go to the Dr. She had strep a couple weeks ago, but now has a terrible cough and her ear drained ahile she was here and she was complaining that it hurt. Aubrey now has what I had for the last month. I wish everyone could be healthy at the same time.

Alair and Claire had a great time playing up in Alair's room. We didn't hear a sound out of them except at meals. They are getting so big.

Today I will start on Aubrey's dress and then the others. I kept on top of things this weekend just so I could sew today. It is a good feeling not to have tons of dishes and cleaning to do after the kids leave.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Emily, Carly and I went shopping in Mankato to get the food for the weekend on Wednesday. Emily had me stop once on the way so she could throw up, and threw up several times while shopping. She called her Dr. and got her prescription higher dosed and also got a prescription for suppositories. She sees her Dr. on Friday. Kim was at the Midwest Poultry Frederation Show up in the cities overnight. Andy, Emily and Carly stayed for supper.

Thursday I tried to get the house cleaned and things put away for the weekend. Emily and Carly came over as Emily was really sick. They stayed for supper. Allison and Chris and Evelyn got here in the evening. I was still cleaning.

Friday I overslept by an hour! I finally got dressed 15 minutes before the ladies got here. At least I was dressed. Carly stayed here while Emily went to the Dr. The combination of medications seems to be helping. Water is staying down better now. We got the ice cream made this evening for Sunday. Now I just have to make the cheesecake. Kim went to the Dr. this afternoon and found out he has pneumonia. He got a shot and a z-pak.

Today he feels worse than before. Aubrey isn't feeling well either. Most of the kids should be here for supper tonight. Kim is grilling.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy Tuesday

Aubrey called me at 6:30 this morning. The girls were supposed to have a Daddy visit from this morning till tomorrow night. Natalie woke up in the night with a fever,so the visit is postponed. The girls are here as they can't go to daycare. I am trying to clean house and organize for the weekend. All the kids will be here alot. This afternoon I am taking Nina and HyeIn to Alair's school to talk about their home countries. I will take Carly with if Emily goes to school. She called this morning and said she didn't feel well. Alair has dance today also.

Tomorrow I want to go shopping for the weekend. Allison and Chris come Thursday night. I have Bible Study here Friday morning and want to get everything ready on Thursday. I have to get menus sort of planned so I know what to get ready every day.Erik wants a rolled rib roast for Sunday dinner. He's buying. Chris is bringing his spit to cook it. I hope the weather is ok.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


One of Emily's friends gave birth to a baby Thursday night. It was about 4 to 5 weeks early. She went into labor and then had a c-section. Her other babies were by c-section also. Any way the baby was sent to Rochester because of breathing problems. Mom had some complications and had to stay. I cannot imagine being left behind. Emily and another friend went to visit her yesterday afternoon and she seemed good. She was told no more kids. Carly stayed with me and slept all afternoon. I was having lunch in Waterville with Annette and Carmen, two women from our Bible Study group. Most of the ladies couldn't make it for one reason or another, so we decided to just get together for lunch. It was nice. We sat there for 2 hours talking about things. Then Emily dropped off Carly and she played for a while and then we went home. By the way, the food was very good.

This Weekend

I got Aubrey's dress cut out and marked for the darts. I want to get it done in the next couple of days so I can start the other dresses.

Alair stayed at Aubrey's last night to have a sleepover with Claire. Aubrey will bring her home sometime after lunch. I guess they are going to Mankato to the library there.

Nina and HyeIn wanted to see the movie Beastly, so we dropped them off last night and then did some shopping. We first ate at Noodles and Co. It is by the theater. Andy and Emily and Carly came too. It was very good.

Today I have to do some cleaning. The dogs have made a mess on the floors with muddy feet. One of Erik's favorite things is corned beef. I usually make it once a year and since his birthday is March 14th, it's usually then. Andy K. has never had it not in a sandwich so I have to see when they want to come over; either tonight or tomorrow for lunch. Tomorrow night we are going to a pot luck at the Legion in Elysian for the exchange students.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, it's snowing again today. We were supposed to get a big storm, but that has changed. Just light snow. We are going to have lunch with Alair today and I have to pick up Claire and Natalie so I'm glad the weather isn't too bad. I got the cupcakes done this morning and hope they taste ok.

I plan on starting Aubrey's dress as soon as I can get in the shop. Maybe even today. Her's should only take a couple days. The pattern seems easy. Then start on the others.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Yesterday after the souper bowl at church we went to Mankato to do some shopping. HyeIn needed track shoes and Nina needed softball shoes. I met Glenda at the new location of JoAnn Fabrics to get patterns and fabric for her daughter's Confirmation/Easter dresses. The two patterns are cute and I like the fabric she chose. After helping them, I started looking for fabrc for HyeIn's prom dress. Kim texted that the car wouldn't start. It was dead. Erik came to jump it. I thought I might get to actually look around in the store, but no luck. By the time I got checked out and special ordered some of the fabric the car was running. I had been in the store 2 hours. Hopefully when the fabric comes in I will have a little time to look around.

Saturday Aubrey took Claire to see Disney Princesses on Ice. It was her birthday present. Natalie stayed with us for the day. She had a great time. Emily and Andy and Carly came for supper also.

This is National Lutheran Schools Week. Today was muffins with Mom. Tomorrow is Doughnuts with Dad. Wednesday is Grandparents/Special people day. Aubrey, Claire, Natalie, Emily, Carly and I will go and eat lunch with Alair. I am bringing dessert. The rest of the week the kids dress in a theme.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Not That Old

I am about to turn 53 in April. I have had hot flashes, night sweats, confusion, fatigue,irregular periods and even severe itching. Yeah, it really is a symptom of menopause. Google 34 Symptoms of menopause. Periods were always very heavy and over the last two years became lighter and less frequent. Last year the last regular one was the end of August. A little in Oct? And then some this last Jan. Saturday it came on like gang busters. On top of this crappy cold. I am stuck in the house, not far from the bathroom. People are always surprised I still get it,not that it's a common conversation topic. But it does come up sometimes. I just keep hoping that this is the last one!?!?

Any way the kids were here all Sunday after church until after supper. I really enjoy that. It reminds me of growing up and going to Grandma and Grandpa's every Sunday.The same house we live in now. Watching the little one's play is great. I hope we will always be able to continue the tradition in some way.

Aubrey got her quilt sewn and now she is tying it.It looks pretty good.She has decided not to do any more quilting. It's not her thing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

When will it stop?

I have had a "cold" for 16 days now. I am so tired of it. Kim brought it home and one by one we have all succombed in some way. Alair, Erik, HyeIn and I the worst. Alair's cough is terrible. Erik missed a day of work, and that he never does. I think I feel some better today. My voice is not right yet. Emily has it now and since she'd pregnant it gets a little harder to deal with the symptoms. Oh yeah, Kim is getting a relapse. I think he will go to the dr. on Monday.

I got Aubrey's jean quilt pinned top to bottom. She is coming today to finish it. Yeah, we aren't going to get fabric today. I hope I can go next week sometime. I want to get started.

It's snowing again today. Just supposed to be an inch or two. I guess if we get two more feet, we will have a new all time record. If we get close we might as well go for it. We usually get a lot of snow in March.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our German exchange student, Nina, asked a boy to prom several weeks ago. Since then, this seemingly nice boy follows her around constantly. He was here for supper a few weeks ago and was polite and said the table prayer with us. I generally watch when new people come here for a meal to see how they react to us praying before we eat. I think you can tell alot by the look on their face. I was impressed at the time. Since then I'm not so sure. The local boys basketball team is undefeated in their conference. They have a game here Saturday night. I assumed both exchange students would go and probably Kim. Nina says AJ wants to go to a movie. I told her she should go to the game. She thought AJ would get mad, but she would rather go to the game. I said use me as your excuse. Whenever you don't want to do something just say I won't let you. Our older kids did this all the time. I think Nina should tell him that she wants to go to prom with him, but she's not ready for a relationship with any one yet. And she's going back to Germany in June.She just turned 16 in November and AJ turned 19 last week. HyeIn thinks they should just break up. I do feel responsible for our exchange students. They have to make a lot of their own decisions but I keep thinking their parents trust us with them. Not to let anything happen to them. I take that trust seriously.

The sun is out and it's pretty warm today. Another storm is to come Sunday into Monday. Thry're not sure how bad it will be yet. I just wish it would miss us.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Right now I have been sort of in limbo. I have things to do but don't want to start yet. HyeIn's prom dress doesn't need to be done until the end of April. Aubrey's dress won't take long and she won't wear it until spring. Who knows when that will be! Basement should be organized, but it can wait..... Then I get the phone call I need. Our Pastor's wife called and asked if I would sew their daughter a Confirmation/Easter dress. I am giddy with excitement! Now I will clean house and start the other projects because I have to. This weekend I will get fabric for HyeIn and next week make Aubrey's dress and then start HyeIn's. The basement will still wait. Can't do everything at once.

The sun is shining brightly today. We got about 8 inches and school was late today. Kim picked up Emily, Carly and Dakota yesterday morning as they had cabin fever. Andy came around noon. The roads were pretty bad yet and the snow hadn't stopped. I made a beef stew for supper and served it over leftover mashed potatoes from Emily. Really good!

I have to go to town early today. Emily asked if I had any egg noodles and I don't. So I will get her some. She has been throwing up and that's what sounds good I guess.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Snow Storm

Tonight we are under a winter storm warning from midnight till 6am on Monday. 6-12 inches expected. The all male play is going on in Morristown this weekend. I was hoping to go tonight, but Alair still has a fever and someone will have to stay home with her. Probably me. Kim and the fes will go. I think this is Erik's fourth year in it.

Aubrey and I are going to work on her quilt in the shop today. She need to put the binding on yet and then tie it. It was pretty cold out there, so we are waiting for it to heat up. We also have to go into town and get a few things before the storm comes. The exchange students have their cast party today, glad it's not tomorrow. They also had their last basketball game last night. Nina scored a three pointer. She was so excited! Now we have a break.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Babies

Emily didn't teach on Monday. Instead, she threw up most of the day. Tuesday she did go to work, so I got to babysit Carly. After dance, Alair and I went to Nina and HyrIn's last home basketball game. They didn't get to play because the score was too close. They did win though. They have a game on Friday and then there is a break between sports. A little less running for me.

I went with Emily to the doctor on Wednesday. She got to hear the heart beat and the dr. said everything looked good. She is due on Oct.9th and will have her c-section on Oct.3rd. Allison went to the dr. also and she is due Oct.5th. They may induce her the week before so she gets her dr. and chris can be there. She went pretty fast the first time and will probably go faster this time.

Alair is home sick with a fever today and so is HyeIn. I'm not any better yet either. Emily wants to come over for supper tonight so they can watch Idol. I will just have to make a little more. Last night I didn't eat or cook. tonight I will.
I have to clean up the kitchen and do laundry.

It's very foggy this morning and supposed to get up to 52 today. Can't wait! The snow is melting fast. There is more coming Sunday though.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I really hate missing Bible Study on Sunday mornings. I had a scratchy and phlemy throat and couldn't swallow good, so we stayed home. Aubrey took the girls to Sunday School and she tried to stay at Bible Study, but because the girls had gotten to bed so late last night, Natalie wasn't having it. So she had to leave. The kids came over for dinner and we had chicken enchiladas. Erik and Ashley laft after eating to find Erik a dress for the all male cast play next weekend. No luck. He always takes a lot of teasing for being such a "pretty woman". The play is always good, though.
Everyone stayed through supper and we just had left overs. We watched the first hour or so of the Grammys and then everyone went home.

Today I have Claire and Natalie here as Claire has a cough and fever. Here we go again.

Alair took valentines we made yesterday to school. I spent more time helping her make those few valentines then I did with all 5 other kids together. Things really change when you have a child later in life. You just seem to have more one on one time, more patience. The exchange students and grandchildren were all making valentines at the kitchen table also. It was pretty wild. But alot of fun.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday and Saturday

I ended up making lemon muffins and two kinds of coffee cake. All new recipes, all very good. Emily and Andy got their new bed delivered yesterday, so Emily was late getting here for Bible Study. Andy brought pizza for supper and then they hung around until Carly's bed time.

This morning, Aubrey and the girls came over and we moved toys into the basement. Erik moved the little sofa out of his room into the living area. I also want to get the sofa out of the pool house and into the basemen too. We will have to come in through the north entry and that won't happen until some snow melts.This afternoon we are going to Mankato to get craft things for Alair to make valentines for the kids at her school.

Tomorrow kids are coming for dinner. I am making chicken enchiladas.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good News

I talked with Alair's teacher when I dropped her off this morning, and she said the board voted to keep the school open next year even if there aren't any more students. We have heard that there are several parents interested in sending their kids next year.


Hopefully, today I get to finish laundry. I have 10 loads of laundry that need folding up. No exageration! I just have not had time to do it. It seems I am constantly running. At least the clothes are clean.

We had taxes done yesterday and that is all I'm going to say about that. Also Alair, Nina and I had our hair cut. To get it to work out I had to make three trips out to Jill's. And since it was Wednesday, I had Ashley here too and had to take her into town. Nina is really happy with what Jill did so I am relieved.

Bible Study is here tomorrow and I think I will make scones and devon cream.

I want to put the toys in the basement now that Emily and Andy have moved out. It will be more convenient for every one. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

Allison and Evelyn got here late Thursday night. Friday morning, we picked up Emily and Carly and went to Bible Study at Carmen's. They stayed at our home until we went to pick up Alair at school.

Saturday, Allison woke up with a migraine so I told Aubrey not to come until lunch time. We had baked chicken strips, macaroni and cheese and corn for supper. This was what Claire wanted. I also made a Barbie birthday cake. She requested dark purple on the dress. Andy had me get old pictures out. Christine had never seen any of the kids when they were young. So that was a hoot also.

Sunday we went to church. Allison still had a bad headache and stayed home. Lunch was leftovers from the night before. Then I started cooking for supper. We had cockdoggies, pot stickers and muffaletta sandwiches. I like fusion cooking. The muffaletta spread recipe I found was heavenly! I didn't cheer for either team. I'm a diehard Vikings fan and just can't bring myself to cheer for some other team....especially the Packers.

Yesterday we got a new dog from the Brown County Humane Society. Her name is Mandy. I'm not sure what she is..some sort of terrier mix. She is just over a year old.

Tomorrow we are getting our taxes done and Thursday Russ from Thrivent comes over. Friday Bible Study is here so I have to clean house. Today I babysit Carly and then go to Nina and HyeIn's basketball game. I think Aubrey will be over for supper as the girls have a daddy visit from this morning till tomorrow night.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Late Start

Ok. So yesterday school was late again. I had to take Emily to the Dr. in Mankato and Kim had to leave early for work. Nina and HyeIn would leave before Alair had to. I took Alair to Aubrey's and she would take Alair to school on the way to Cannon Valley. Aubrey goes out to open the garage and nothing happens. She tried everything she could think of and called Kim and he had a few suggestions. Nothing worked. Aubrey called me and I had my phone turned off as I was at the dr. I finally looked at my phone and saw I had 5 missed calls from Aubrey. I still had to get groceries and a birthday gift for Claire, so we did that and then Emily wanted to eat something as she felt sick. So after that I picked up Aubrey and Alair and took them to their respective schools. Emily and Carly stayed with Claire and Natalie. Then took Aubrey back home and picked up Emily and Carly and took them home. Mrs. Cram volunteered to bring Alair and Ashley to our house. Ashley's mom picked her up about 4:30. Kim stopped at Aubrey's house on the way home and figured out the problem, came home for tools and went back to fix it. Crazy day!

Emily and Carly are here today. Emily wants to work in the shop. Allison is coming today also. Probably good she is. It's supposed to be icy tomorrow. I am so tired of winter this year.

Yesterday I got stuff to make muffaletta sandwiches on Sunday. Hope they turn out good. The ingredients in the spread were pretty expensive.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday school ended up closing after all. So I didn't get much done. I had to make rolls for Kim to take to a customer so we had fresh rolls last night. Andy brought Emily and Carly over in the morning. Emily found out she is pregnant and got VERY sick over night. Her doctor called in a prescription and Kim went in to get it. I take her to the dr. tomorrow. This morning she feels some better. She still doesn't want to eat anything. I think her sickness is a positive thing as she wasn't sick hardly at all when she lost the last two pregnancies. We shall see. They aren't telling people yet.

I took Alair to school today and the roads were pretty crappy. She has dance today and then we go to Nina and HyeIn's basketball game. Alair said she doesn't like days when she has three things to go to. Yeah, she gets pretty tired by the time we get home and have supper. There are only three weeks of basketball left for the ninth grade team. Then we have a break until softball and track start.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Prom dress

What a weekend! Saturday I got supper done mostly in the morning. I cleaned house. Nina's prom datr came over and stayed for supper. Aubrey and the girls were here also. I perfected the cheesecake recipe with the help of Alair. She was learning to crack eggs. Instead of 3 eggs and 1 yolk, I forgot and we used 4 whole eggs.I also baked it for 45 min.instead of 55 to 60. It was so smooth.

Friday we watched the one act. It was very good. Nina did a great job and I understood everything she said. The competition was Saturday. They didn't place,but still had a good time.

Sunday after church and Bible study we went to Rochester to look for prom dresses. Nina had her heart set on one she found in a magazine. They carried it in the stores we looked at but it was sold out. She tried it on in a different color and then tried the color on in a different dress. She ordered it and should have it in about two weeks. I am making HyeIn's. She won't have a chance to wear hers again when she goes home and doesn't want to spent the money. That's ok. I love to sew fancy things.

Emily and Andy and Aubrey were here for supper after we got home. We just had left overs, but that was fine.

We're late again today. Up to 10 inches of snow and then some wind. This is really getting old.

Friday, January 28, 2011


This morning the Bible Study Ladies of Southern Minnesota meet. Emily called us that first. She sent a thank you card for a bridal shower gift to the BS Ladies and I got it. We are a group of ladies of different faiths(all Christian) that meet almost every Friday. We have met for about 15 years. Some of us have kids that were friends in school and I am friends with one womans daughter. I am the youngest. We eat breakfast first and update everyone on our lives. Then we read the Bible.We have been there for each other through good times and bad. We count on each other for moral support. It is really good to have friends like this. They all are Alair's "Grandmas". We take turns having it at our homes. We have had some heated discussions on some topics, but we respect each other. I always hope to bring them around. I'm not holding my breath. I do have Martin Luther on my side though.

Nina is having dress rehearsal tonight. It's the only time the public can see it. We will be going to watch her. She is so excited to have gotten the lead and everyone is impressed that an exchsnge student got the part. There are only 4 parts. The first competition is tomorrow. Hope they do well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I picked up one tired kindergartener today! They all went tubing at Camp Omega for about an hour and 15 mins. Not sure she will make it through supper.

American Idol is on tonight. I've watched it for several seasons and generally like it. So far I like the new judges. We shall see as the season goes on.

Emily is without a car again. Erik put new brakes in and yesterday the brakes went out completely. Luckily she was only in town and made it home. She stopped quite q ways from the house though as she didn't want to go through it. Erik stopped and looked at it and said there was no brake fluid. He will have to put in new brake lines this weekend.

Business seems to be picking up for Kim. It has been pretty tough this month and next month. He gets paid two months after his sales, so what he did in Dec. gets paid in Feb. Nov. and Dec. were not good. Something always seems to happen though and we make it. I just wish it wouldn't be so tight.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Still have a sore throat today. I was supposed to go to the Guthrie Theatre today and see Romeo and Juliet today with Cannon Valley. Kim is driving the bus, but I decided to let another person go instead. So I'm doing laundry for Aubrey today. She called this morning and her washer quit with a load soaking wet. Claire had an accident over night. I will take it in this afternoon as Alair and Claire have dance.

It's Parents night for girls basketball tonight. Nina has one act play practice until 5:00, so she won't be there until half time. The game starts at 4:30.

I guess we won't have Sunday Dinner this week. There is a sale on Prom dresses and Nina wants to go. She can't go Saturday as she has the one act competition and we don't know when they will get back, so we sill go after church Sunday. I will see if kids can come Saturday night instead.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Weekend

Allison and Evelyn got here mid afternoon on Friday. Emily and Carly were here to shower and bathe as there pipes froze. Then Emily hurt her back turning the wrong way and couldn't lift Carly. She didn't want to drive home and try to get Carly out of the car seat, so they stayed here to wait for Andy. Long story short, Aubrey and the girls stayed here for supper also. I made pancakes as I hadn't planned on any of them being here. Every one loves breakfast for supper any way.

Saturday Aubrey had to take the girls up for a Daddy visit. When she got back we all went to eat at the new cafe in Waterville. It was really quite good and there was a children's play are as the owner has two little girls. Definitely going back. Kim, Andy and Erik went ice fishing all afternoon and didn't get a thing.

Sunday after church, all the kids came for dinner. I really like this .I started going down hill early afternoon and still feel crappy today. Just another virus I'm sure. The girls don't have school today as it's the end of the semester. Alair and I will go babysit Carly this afternoon. Nina and HyeIn still have practice.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Change of Plans

OK, So we aren't making lefse tomorrow. Evelyn is sick, so Allison isn't coming down. She said strep is going though the day care she works at. I think she should take Evelyn to the dr. today. I don't know why kids always seem to get sick on a Friday. I remember our kids always did too and we didn't have urgent care way back then. We usually waited until Monday and hoped they didn't get too bad.

It is -30 degrees today, actual temp.,not wind chill. School was 2 hours late again. I can't wait for winter to end this year. Our exchange students are really experiencing a "good ole Minnesota winter" this year!

Kim, Andy and Erik are going ice fishing tomorrow. I'm glad they have a heated ice house. It's supposed to be a little warmer, but not much. Maybe it will hit 0.

Aubrey is having issues with Alec again. She checked her credit report and found out she is still on the mortgage and it is delinquent. Alec got really defensive and blamed her because of spousal maintenance and such. Really!

Marty is doing better. She went to her family dr. and got antibiotics for her infection. He said there was no need for her to be so sick. Sometimes you wonder about dr.s. Her oncologist said to just keep going, even with pneumonia. I wonder how he would feel if it were him or someone in his family.

Allison just called and Evely has an ear infection. She got into the dr. at 8:30 already. They are probably coming down now. We just won't do anything. Keep it low key.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here We Go Again

Alair has a fever again! I'm not sure how sick she really is today. Last night her fever was 102.8. This morning not as high but still there. Right now it's very low and she wants to play. I guess we shall see as the day goes on. Nina is home today also. I know she is feeling bad. She is usually too stubborn to miss school.

Nina got the information about her return home last night. She is to leave on June 12th. Yeah...that's Bullhead Day Sunday. Parade? Kim driving the other foreigners? Don't know how this will all work. Too early to dwell on it too much yet.

Saturday we are going to Annette's church to make lefse. Allison, Emily, Aubrey, Alair, me and other BS Ladies. It should be fun.

I'm really in the mood to clean the house. Shampoo rugs. Clean the stove and exhaust hood. Things I don't do often enough. I also need to bake cookies. I better get going!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Monday

I haven't kept track of how many, but here we are, late again. This winter is really getting long. Every other day, it seems, we have snow.A lot of schools in the state are closed today already so it's not such a big thing. Can't wait for spring this year!

I'm really liking having "Sunday Dinner". It's nice having whoever can make it, come and eat. Aubrey and the girls, Emily and Andy and Carly, Erik, and sometimes Andy and Christine. Allison and Evelyn will come down this weekend, so they will be here also. Yestrday we got to meet Erik's new girl friend, Ashly. She seems nice. We can be pretty over whelming. Erik said she said she would come back again.

The foreigners had their Christmas party last night at Pizza Ranch. This was after I had cooked a BIG dinner. I was sure the party was Saturday night. Then I looked at the email. It was fun though. Nina and HyeIn are trying to stay here longer than they are supposed to. Don't know if it will work, but it's fine with us. AFS kids stay quite a bit longer. These guys have to be out by the 11th of June. We want to take them to see the Black Hills if we can.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Andy's Birthday

We had a birthday party for Andy last night. He turned 30 on the 4th. Emily had gotten pizza from his favorite place when they went to visit Indiana over Christmas. Aubrey and the girls came and Andy and Christine came. Andy had a hard time being there or at work. His Mom now has pneumonia and it's hard to concentrate on anything.

Erik went up to Hibbing Tuesday night so he could take an assessment at USSteel yesterday morning. He got 89 on the test and needed 92. We have to wait and see what happens now. He may get called for the next step any way or start over for a different position.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year

Well, it's 2011 and many things are different. Emily and Andy moved into their tiny house in Waterville. It's really cute and totally updated. Marty is dealing with breast cancer. She now has pneumonia. We shall see. She was diagnosed right after the kids moved here. It was hard for Andy being here and not with his Mom. They went to visit after Christmas and that was hard also. It seems strange yet with the quiet of the house. I'm sure I will get used to it. I like being by myself also. I do miss Carly's smile in the morning, just like I missed Natalie's.

Andy and Christine's baby is due in June. So far so good. 14 weeks now. Andy says the doctor won't bet on it yet but thinks it's a boy. After 4 granddaughters, that will be a change.

I'm having a hard time deciding what to do first on my list of things. I have to clean my shop after the Christmas sewing. There are many projects and I just have to prioritise them.

I hope this year is a little less eventful than last year though, at least the negative things.