Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goings On

Emily, Andy, and Carly are in Indiana tying up some things and visiting friends and family. All of Emily's maternity clothes and new baby things were still there and other things that they need. They took Aubrey's minivan.

My 35th class reunion was Saturday. It was alot of fun. Before that Kim and I saw the final Harry Potter movie. It was very good. Alair stayed with Aubrey and had lots of fun playing with her nieces.

Sunday we went to Louise's church for their ice cream social. I was disappointed with the food. The hot beef was too salty and the dessert Alair had just didn't taste good. Usually the food is really good.

I have been feeling out of sorts lately. I'm not sure what's wrong. I feel down and just want to sleep, yet I am very restless and want to get a lot of things done. I am on the verge of tears and worried about finances. I know it doesn't do any good to worry. Things always work out and usually I don't waste my time. I just don't know where this is coming from. Menopause?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I don't know what it is about change that energises me. My shop all organized and then ordering business cards. Moving my office to the shop and moving Kim into my old office and redoing the library. Putting a guest room in Alair's old room and moving her into the other room. I got a haircut today and Kim and I and Alair are going shopping this aternoon. Emily cleaned the pool house and now I feel like entertaining. I hope the energy continues.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I heard the only pace on the planet with a higher dew point is the Amazon. It hit 81.The heat index hit 112. I really don't know how people can work outside in this heat. You just melt going out the door. We have a pool and have een using it quite a bit. Today, Kim and I got a lot done in the house. He's moving his office into my office. I am now out in the shop. That's ok. I like my shop and now I get to actually have a library. Kim isn't crazy about the color of the office. It's dark and light purple. I said we could paint the light purple gold. Right, Vikings fans? Aubrey is taking the desk from the office. We do a lot of musical furniture in our family. People keep getting "new" things that way.
Emily brought chicken for supper and then to the pool.

Friday, July 15, 2011


The story about the young Jewish boy abducted and murdered on his way home from summer camp raises questions about when should you let your kids gain some independence. When I was young there were some crazy people in the world, but it wasn't like it is now. We could be gone all day and just come back for supper and parents never really worried. Other parents also watched out for you. Everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood. My husband could ride his bike to his dad's office downtown when he was 6 or 7. Now there is no way a young child would be able to ride the same route at that age. Kids need to become independent....but when is the right time to start the process. Do you always live in fear? You pray that your kids are safe and put them in God's care....and then just do the best you can.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Zoo

Chris and Allison and Evelyn came down this weekend and wanted to go to the zoo. So after listeneing to the weather for several days we decided to go on Friday. Very warm, but not so humid. We went right after lunch. It was a lot of fun and everyone was totally exhausted after 5 hours of walking in the heat. We went to eat supper at Chili's and it was really good too. I had fajitas and they were so tastey!

Saturday, Allison and I went to Walmart to get a few things for supper.Got home and finished getting supper ready. The kids were all here for lunch and then we all went swimming. Little ones took naps and some good friends came for a visit in the afternoon. Kris wanted to see my shop. I have been organizing it. I didn't get a chance when I moved in last fall. I am sorting all the fabrics and notions etc. It's a huge mess out there, but I showed them anyway. For supper Erik, Ashley, Andy, Christine, and Brandon joined us. Alot of food was consumed and it was another late night. We ate leftovers for lunch on Sunday and then Allison and Chris leat for home.Emily and Andy soon after and Aubrey and girls stayed for naps and then left. It was so quiet. Alair and i went out to the shop and started clening again. Alair wanted to look through buttons. I have large containers from my Mom and Kim's Mom and my own collection. Our parents lived through the depression and always cut buttons off garments before disposing of them usually after they were totally worn out. Sometimes I feel guilty for not doing that myself. If Something has really cute or different buttons,I will keep them, but not just regular ones. Anyway, Alair stayed at it for 3 hours, sorting and picking out her "special ones". I think she really needed some time to unwind after the busy weekend. I will have the shop done in a couple days and then can start sewing again. I will also do more organizing in the house. Still gotta get Alair's room done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

Friday we went to Wisconsin with Emily, Andy and Carly to get the bed. It was 100 degrees and the air conditioning wasn't working! It worked the day before. We left at 8am and didn't get back until 4:30. All we could think about was getting in the pool when we got home. And it was wonderful!!! It was really nice seeing Kris and her house. She has it decorated very nicely.

Saturday I mixed up cookie dough and put it in the refridgerator. We had a wedding in the afternoon for the son of a friend I have had since 1st grade. It was held at Gale Woods Farm in Minnetrista. The place was just beautiful! The ceremony was held outdoors overlooking a lake. There was a nice breeze. We didn't stay too late. We had left Alair with Emily and they went to the beach in Elysian and bar-be- qued for supper.

Sunday I finally got to go to church and Bible Study. With illness, baptism and other things I hadn't been able to go for over a month. It was really nice to go. Aftr lunch I started baking cookies and got done about 9:oo. I did have to mix up some more dough.

Monday we went to North Morristown for the parade. Aubrey and Alair were in it. After the parade, we ate there and just hung around for a little. Alair had a total meltdown about the guns being shot. There were lots of them. I was surprised as this hadn't happened before. We then went home and went swimming. I had to go back to North Morristown and help with rides. It was a beautiful day.

This week I have Claire and Natalie here as their day care is closed. I should get a lot done.