Thursday, January 9, 2014


Well,I really need to post more often.  I've probably forgotten a lot of things.

Allison and Chris and their kids went up to Grand Marais,Split Rock Lighthouse and Grand Portage with us. We had a really good time. We don't get to do as much with them throughout the year as they live 5 hours away.

I started sewing dresses for Aubrey and Troy's wedding. It was a wonderful day. Also the young lady in the front left is Nattapon, our exchange student from Thailand.
 The day after the wedding, Andy moved back home. Later he was diagnosed with PTSD from when he was on the fire dept. It has been discovered that boys brains don't fully develop until they are 25. He saw some terrible things and even though there was debriefing, it wasn't enough. He is getting help now and hopefully will be able to go back to his home at some point.He and Christine need marriage counselling also to work through everything.Andy was hospitalized over Christmas with confusion. He had an MRI, EEG. Spinal Tap and other tests. They all came back normal. The doctors decided it was probably caused by stress.

Before Aubrey's wedding,I had lost 43 lbs. and all my blood work was back to normal. Since the wedding, I hurt my knee and haven't gotten back into exercise.  It also got terribly cold for a long time and it has been too expensive to heat the pool. This weekend it is supposed to get fairly warm, above freezing,so we are heating it. I have to get physical. My blood sugar has been going up as has my weight. I now have to lose 6 pounds again.

Kim is having surgery on his shoulder next month. He fell when he was cutting wood and it just kept getting worse.
The top picture is all of  Aubrey's new family and the bottom is our whole family now. We gained 2 grandchildren,so now the total is 11!

I started volunteering at Alair's school.  Every day.  All afternoon. I really got to be too much.  I wasn't getting any thing done at home.  I enjoyed it a lot and still do. The kids are great and I get to do crafts when I am just watching them. I now get one day off a week and it helps a lot.

That's enough for now. I'm sure I will think of things I forgot, and when I do, I will have to write about it.  I will try to post more often this year.