Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12

The last week has been very busy. I am on the Miss Waterville committee and last Friday was the pageant. There was rehearsal Tuesday and Wednesday, and a barbecue on Wadnesday night for contestants, sponsors and the girls parents. Alair, Claire and Natalie also had Bible school every evening. Thursday was the closing program for VBS. Friday was the pageant and I made chicken salad and cherry berries on a cloud for 80 for a catering job on Saturday. After catering, I put about 16 pounds of chicken and a couple dozen cut up potatoes and seasonings in the electric roaster for a pot luck at North Morristown for Kay Cram's retirement. Kim, Alair, and I went into Waterville for fried bullheads for supper. Sunday morning we went to church at North Morristown.and the potluck was right after. I had invited Andy to come and eat with us as Christine was working. After eating we went to the Bullhead Days parade in Waterville and then grilled out at Emily and Andy's. It poured while poor Andy was at the grill. Ashley and Erik were there also. Andy and the boys went hoe after the parade as they were wore out.

Monday I cleaned house for the BS Ladies. and today I am shampooing rugs. I also am filling out the paper work for AFS and taking pictures of the inside of the house. We are getting a girl from Thailand this year.

Friday, Carly and Corrine are coming to stay until Monday sometime. Andy and Emily are going up to Canada with their church's youth group for a week. Melissa Witte is watching the girls until Friday. Should be fun. Hope it doesn't rain the whole time.

Summer schedule for church starts tonight.   I like Wednesday service.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 2, 2013

I am down 30 lbs. so far.  It's a start. I feel pretty good.

Since I don't garden, I planned on planting a few things in containers. I haven't done it yet because of the rain almost every day. Tomorrow Alair and I will get potting soil and plant. It's supposed to be sunny.

Bible School starts tonight at our church. It goes from 6-8 through Thursday. Miss Waterville practice is Tuesday and Wednesday and the pageant is Friday. I cater on Saturday for the Ladies group at Louise's church. Chicken salad and dessert for 80.About...have to get the final number yet. Sunday we are going to North Morristown Church for a pot luck for Mrs. Cram. Then go to the Bullhead Days parade.

I had a few projects..Carsen's garter for prom and a quilt for Mrs. Cram. I had the students each make a square and I put them together.