Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 8,2014

Kim had his surgery on his rotator cuff last Friday.It went fine and he is trying to do all kinds of things. The dr. said driving was up to him....when he felt up to it. Emily went with him to Sanborn on Thursday and I watched the girls. After driving us home from the hospital in whiteout conditions, I'm not taking any chances.
  Today, Kratzers came over to go sledding and stayed for supper. It got to 40 and this was really the first and last time they could all go sledding. This has been such a cold winter. The huge piles of snow will be gone this week. I really am getting spring fever.
  I called Lakes Gas and asked what the price of lp is. 2.39....yay! I'm hoping to get the pool filled this month.I like the bike, but the pool is best.