Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Time

So I have been a little busy. I also made 4 stockings and a dress for out pastor's daughter. Finished that one Thursday before Christmas. Erik's future in laws came over for supper on Friday. I made Boeuf Bourguignon from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child. I have made it before and knew it took alot of time, so I did it the day before. It also tastes better if it sits a day or so. Kind of like chili or soup. It is very good. Christmas Eve we had goose that a friend of ours shot. That was very good too, except we had been eating all afternoon and not that hungry. Christmas Day we had taco burgers and leftovers. Monday, leftovers. Tuesday,leftovers. Then froze what was left or just got rid of it. Wednesday, Kim is grilling. Nice weather in Minnesota for December. No snow. Strange.

I'm trying to get motivated to get back at things. Kim and I are taking Alair to see War Horse in the next couple days. We don't get to do much with just her. I do have some other projects to do now too. Still have to mail our Christmas Cards. Better get on that!

The Little Ones

This is Alair and our 7 grandchildren. Always exciting when they are together, although it is like herding cats.
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These are the ornaments I made....36 all together. The back side of the white ones is blue with a snowflake on it. The gnomes are just cute. I made 10 aprons..2 boys aprons...all different. I sold 4 and the rest were for granddaughters and Alair.
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This is a pures I felted and a purse I made for Aubrey.
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Alair's Christmas Dress

This is the dress I made for Alair. She picked out the pattern and I picked out the fabric. She wanted pink or purple. She got both!
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