Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More wedding pics

 Emily, Andy, Carly and Corinne.
The wedding cake and cupcakes.
The bride and groom.
Chris, Allison, Mila and Evelyn.

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Wedding Pics

 These are our 4 daughters. Just lovely!
 Me and Kim....34 years.
Andy, Christine, and Brandon. Also next grandson.
 Aubrey, Claire, and Natalie.
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Aaaaaah July

This is turning into a summer where I don't know where the time is going. I spent most of June sewing and planning for Erik and Ashley's wedding. I made Alair's dress and basket, altered 2 bridesmaid dresses and Aubrey's dress. Helped Emily finish her dress and altered Christine's top to fit her growing pregnancy. I also made 2 garters for Ashley; one to keep and one to auction off. They made 586.00. Kim said I should go into the garter business. I didn't bake cookies for James brothers for the I would be baking 250 cupcakes for the wedding. Good call. It was very hot that week. We went to North Morristown for their parade in the morning and stayed for lunch. Kim and Aubrey worked in the food stand and pretty much melted. We didn't go to Elysian's parade. Louise had us all over for dessert and to watch the fireworks. Thursday, I started baking early and the kitchen heated up pretty quickly. Our air conditioning couldn't keep up so it was miserable. I did get all the baking done, but when I tried to make frosting,it wouldn't set up. After throwing away 3 batches I went to bed. Friday the frosting worked and we got food read for the rehearsal dinner. We got lost trying to find the church, but the rehearsal went fine. Everyone cooled off in our pool and had a good time here. It was an early night as it was going to be an early morning. Erik stayed here, but didn't sleep much. I went to bet about 2am. Got up at 6. Emily was here about 7 to do hair. We left by 8 and took the cupcakes and cake to the event center. The day was so much fun. Everything went fine except several people had a hard time finding the church. The food at the reception was great and the dj was fantastic. He took pictures and got some really nice ones. We spent the night at the motel right next to the event center. The kids opened gifts Sunday morning and then we all went home. Exhausted, but very happy. Erik and Ashley went to Cancun for their honeymoon. It took almost a week to ge the house picked up and feel normal again. Aubrey started dating again. Troy. We have known him since he was little. He grew up in Waterville and moved back some years ago. He is divorced about as long as Aubrey and hasn't dated until they started talking at Bible School. He has two kids also, a little older than Aubrey's. It was made official a couple days ago when statuses changed on Face Book. Everyone is happy and hopes it all works out. There won't be a wedding in the near future though. They need to bond with all the kids and really get to know each other. Aubrey has some trust issues she needs to deal with. HyeIn is probably coming Friday. She is flying standby, so we aren't sure when we will have to go to the airport. Two other exchange students that were here at the same time will be here too.