Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July is almost over. Natalie Jean was baptized on the 19th. It was nice, except Claire wasn't feeling well. Natalie's dress turned out nice and Evelyn will be wearing it when she is baptized also.

Last Wednesday Kim, Alair and I went to Chicago and Indiana. We stayed one night in Chicago and met Jennifer Swedberg for supper. She suggested the Wilde Restaurant. Named after Oscar Wilde. It was an Irish pub and the food was very good. Kim found a non-alcoholic beer he really liked and ordered a second one. That never happens. The next day, Emily and Andy joined us and we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Alair loved it. She walked the whole time without complaining. Friday, we went to Michigan and St. Joseph. Alair loved playing in the sand. When we got back we had Pizza with Marty. Very good, evev though Andy dropped one of them in the parking lot. Saturday we went to Amish stores. I love Yoder's Dept. Store. So much fabric and patterns. Sunday, we went to The Fiddlers Hearth for lunch. Irish and very good again. Supper was at Kimber and Jason's. Kabobs--very good again. Alair had a blast with an earth ball. Monday, home.

Aubrey, Claire, Natalie and Allison are coming tomorrow. Louise is giving a shower for Chtistine and Andy on Saturday. Aubrey also has to get her dress fitted on Friday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 4th of July was a lot of fun and very busy. I baked 40 dozen cookies for James Bros. Construction for their party they have every year. Kim donated half of them. We went to the parade in Elysian and Alair got too much candy again. Louise and Al had a bar-be-que and then we went for a nice pontoon ride before dessert and fireworks. Sunday we were all dragging.
I;m now sewing Natalie's baptism dress and it looks really nice. I've got a lot of things to sew in the next two weeks.
I;m getting excited to go to Indiana in a couple weeks.
Alair and I are meeting Louise in Elysian for breakfast this morning so I can get her the list for Christine's shower. There was some question as to if we were even having the shower. She now decided we are.