Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I got the dresses done for Mummes. I should have gotten them done on Saturday after the fitting. That was my plan anyway. Christine and Andy came over. Andy and Erik put in new u-joints in the truck. Christine has been having issues with her family so she stayed here all afternoon and talked. Emily, Andy and Carly came over for Supper also. I really didn't feel like sewing at 9:30 in the evening. Sunday we went to Mankato after church. The fes had to go shopping. When we got home Andy, Christine, Erik and Ashley were here and stayed for supper. I was tired! I finished the dresses Monday and delivered them on the way to a wake (for Al's mom). Yesterday I started HyeIn's dress. Tomorrow I go shopping with Aubrey.

HyeIn has a prom date finally. A friend from South Korea is an exchange student in Plymouth. He said he would go with her. Now we just have to somehow get the paperwork tomorrow!

Got to go get sewing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


April 10th was the 8th annual dinner fund raiser for CVLHS. There was a wonderful pork dinner and great desserts. Two students talked about their trip to Germany and then the German teacher talked. Then it was my turn. As the day went on, I got more and more nervous. I did have notes and got flustered only omce. I wanted to get accross to people to just try these schools. There really is a need to arm our kids daily with weapons they can use against the assaults of the world. It must have been a good idea, because when I was done Andrew Boll, the administrator spoke of arming the kids just as " Mrs. Lloyd has said."

On Saturday, I attended a shower for the bride-to-be of a son of one of my friends from school. I guess it's pay back time as I have asked several friends to showers for my kids and now I am getting asked. It's nice to be on this side though and not have to think about all the wedding drama that can go on and just enjoy the time with friends.

Alair and Claire had dance pictures in the afternoon. They went quite smoothly.

Sunday the kids came for dinner. Louise and Al came also. I got lots of Birthday cards and another purse from HyeIn. It was very nice. I was starting to get nervous already though.

I am coming along on the dresses for Mummes. Although I am starting to panic about getting HyeIn's prom dress done. I want to start it Monday. I can only hope.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Weekend

We had a really great weekend! Saturday we went shopping with Aubrey and the girls. We got the things we needed for Sunday dinner. When we got home about 5:30, we had to make supper, pizza, and then start cooking for the next day. Aubrey made the cake layers and the pineapple curd for the dessert. Assembled the next morning. I cut up all the vegetables and chicken and then Kim sous cheffed while I cleaned up. We got it all done by 8:15. Sunday after church and Bible Study Aubrey assembled the cake and I made the taquitos and Spanish Rice. It was all very good. We did eat late though. It took longer than I thought.
I watched Carly yesterday afternoon. Dakota got out on Emily right before she had to leave. She left and Dakota came back about a half hour later. That dog is going to be trouble.

I started on the Confirmation/Easter dresses. I want to get them done first because I think the prom dress is going to take the most time. The two dresses I'm doing now should be done next week if I can work fairly uninterrupted.