Friday, December 28, 2012


The kids at Alair's school have been learning German this year.  The teacher from CVLHS comes over twice a week.  They are doing great. CVLHS has a German Fest every fall with great food and a church service. This year Alair's school mates participated by saying the common table prayer in German and introduced themselves in German. They were fed a different meal,though. The traditional German food was wonderful. This is Mrs. Cram, Mrs. Bill and the students in Alair's school.

Thanksgiving 2012

Since Aubrey and Troy have been dating, it's hard to get everyone together. We usually do Thanksgiving on Saturday or Sunday and the kids can go to the inlaws on Thursday. Alec has the girls from Wed. to Friday. We  this year we also have Troy's kids to schedule around. I decided to have dinner here on Saturday and invited Troy's parents and his sister and family. Ruth, his mom, said sure as long as we had dinner at their house on Thursday. It was fun, but quiet, as most of the kids were gone. Here are a couple pictures from Saturday.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Travis and Dannie

These young men are our newest grandchildren. Top is Travis, born to Andy and Christine on November 1st.  Bottom is Dannie, born to Allison and Chris on November 20th.  That makes 9 in all.

Catching up

I can see I haven't posted for 2 months. A lot has happened. This may take a while.  First, after I made the chasuble, Kim made a prie-dieu for our church.  It turned out very nice.  The church also voted to pay me for materials to make a purple chasuble. I will start that in January. I am so happy about this as I think it adds to the service and Pastor wants to wear them.