Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Snow

Let It Snow; Let It Snow; Let It Snow!!! That's what it's been doing here latelay. Now we're supposed to get a storm tomorrow and last through Christmas Day! Allison is driving separately with Evelyn. I suggested she come today, but we will discuss it this morning. Snow is to start around noon tomorrow. Chris wants to come on Christmas Eve. Maybe too late. It is a 5 hour drive.

We are done shopping. Finished yesterday in the snow. 4-5 inches came. Sunday was the Sunday School Christmas Program. Alair did great this year. She sang, said her part and didn't pull up her dress! What a difference a year makes!! It is so interesting to see her start to really figure things out.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So much has happened since I wrote last!! Evelyn Gweneth Madrinich was born on Oct. 19. She weighed 7lbs. 10 1/2oz. Carly Jean Kratzer was born on Nov.13. She weighed 6lbs. 6oz. We went to visit both and I love holding new borns.

Allison, chris, Evelyn, Erik, Mia, Aubrey, Alec, Claire, Natalie, Louise, Al, Carmen, and Ron were here for Thanksgiving. We had a lot of fun. we celebrated Sunday as that was when everyone could be here. Saturday I made Thai food and it was really good,especially the shrimp fried rice!!

The kids will be home at different times for Christmas,which is alright.I love having everyone here at once, but it does get a little overwhelming at times. Christmas shopping is done. Now I'm just waiting for deliveries. I ordered a lot of things from Amazon. I get frustrated in stores when I can't find what I want. This way I can compare things and if it is over 25.00 I get free shipping. Needless to say most was free shipped.

My shop is too cold to work in, so I'm still in the house. I've got to get a ceiling in there. It will come soon, I hope.

Oh yeah! We also found out Andy and Christine are expecting a baby. I hope it all goes well. Christine has some medical issues that could be an issue. Andy is pretty excited.

Supposed to be a snow storm tonight and tomorrow, with blizzard conditions, Should be interesting.