Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ok, so we went to Crazy Days on Thursday thunking it would be just nuts. It wasn't. There were racks of clothes outside the stores and extra salespeople to help you, but there weren't throngs of shoppers. I hadn't been to the mall on Crazy Days in many years because you had to be crazy to go!!! What happened? Is it because of the economy? Or just Thursday and people are working. We went back Saturday with Allison. Surely the crowds would be there. No. It was somewhat disappointing. What was nice though, was on Thursday, our niece who works on one of the stores had lunch with us. She in pregnant with their first child, and it is due on Dec.4.

Yesterday, I made 6 pies for the ice cream social at Louise's church. A long time ago, she asked if I would make pies for the ladies that didn't want to or couldn't. Since we are going to be gone this weekend, I said I would make them and then freeze them and get them to her. She will bake them and take them to the social.

Today, I have to clean house some. I hate coming home to a messy house after being gone.I also will start packing and doing the laundry.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yesterday, Alair and I rode along with Kim. We delivered to several places and then made it it the main branch in the cities. I had made cupcakes for the people there. Kim had to get his computer updated. It didn't take too long. Alair only had time to eat licorice and peanuts from the vending machine. It was 11:30 afterall. We then went to Ingebritsens'. It's a Scandinavian store. Kim always gets pickled herring and whatever else sounds good in the season..Then to lunch and ToysRUs. We got Alair a few new things to play with on the 10 hour+ ride to Indiana. Today we are going to Crazy Days in Mankato to shop for bargains. Alair loves to shop!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday, Kim, Alair, and I cleaned in the storeroom all morning. We took out 8 garbage bags of clothes, some to the dump, and some to Good Will. We still have more and then the toys and momentoes. The girls have to deal with some, because I don't know who's it all is. Allison may be here this weekend and she can help.

Alair and I went to a shower for one of Kim's cousins daughters yesterday. It was nice. We got to see his cousins that were at the marathon again. His aunt was there. The only one he has left. We found out Andy and Christine have to change their wedding date as a cousin's son is getting married on Sept. 19 and I want Judith {Kim's aunt], to be st our wedding. We don't have many relatives left.

After the shower, we went to an ice cream social at the church that has CVLHS in it. All the proceeds went to the school. There were alot of people there and it was nice to talk to them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

After much whining and messing up of hair everytime I tried to comb it, Alair got her hair cut. SHORT!!! She looks really cute and maybe now won't have perennial bed head.

Rakel {Rachael}, our exchange student from Aug. 02 to June 03 is in the USA. She is here for a wedding of one of the friends she made while here. This is the second one she is a bridesmaid in. She came over yesterday afternoon for a visit. It's always great to see how they are doing and if they have changed since going back. Oh yeah, she's from Iceland. It's funny, they always remain about the same age as when they leave to me.

Andy and Christine stopped by last night and Andy took the ring he intends to give her. It was my mom's ring. About 20 minutes after he left, he called and said she said yes. So now it's official. We're excited for them. It's going to be a busy year for our family.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I don't know what happened to last week. Kim and I and Alair came down with colds on Monday. They hit like a ton of bricks and just got worse each day. I washed my hands constantly and held my breath as I made 24 dozen cookies for the 4th{ some for us} and sewed a sash for a local pageant, and watched 2 extra dogs, but I feel like nothing got done and it is all a blur. Friday we didn't do much of anything. Saturday we worked in the garden early. Andy and his girlfriend came over for supper. Sunday after church we did a little shopping. Our two extea dogs left after supper. Louise has someone staying a their home to watch them. The dogs will be much happier. Andy called last night and said he had asked his girlfriend's dad if they could get married. He said ok, so Andy is really happy. Two weddings next year!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last weekend, Aubrey and Claire came down to help clean out our store room. So, Saturday my husband asks if we want to go to a nursery about 40 minutes away. We say sure. Kim bought some plants and got a good deal. This is the time to buy. Then we came home for lunch and then went to our local green house that was also having a sale. We got home in time for naps. After getting numerous other things done and eating supper, we got to the store room. We pulled everything out and then it was the girls' bed time. Sunday morning we got at it early and sorted through a lot of stuff. Aubrey found things from her child hood that she wanted so that was good. Now I have to deal with the rest. Oh well!!!

I am in the process of baking 20 dozen cookies for the 4th of July celebration in a nearby community. For the last several years I baked for a customer of my husbands that has a big barbeque for their customers and family and friends. Most of the town! There's a sign with my husband's business at the cookies, so it's advertising for him.

Kim's sister and her husband went on a cruise down the Danube. They left yesterday and will be gone about 12 days. We got their two miniature weiner dogs. We've watched them before and the're fine but now we have Alair and the novelty doesn't seem to wear off. They aren't used to little kids so we have to watch her. Life is great with 5 dogs in the house!!