Monday, February 28, 2011

Not That Old

I am about to turn 53 in April. I have had hot flashes, night sweats, confusion, fatigue,irregular periods and even severe itching. Yeah, it really is a symptom of menopause. Google 34 Symptoms of menopause. Periods were always very heavy and over the last two years became lighter and less frequent. Last year the last regular one was the end of August. A little in Oct? And then some this last Jan. Saturday it came on like gang busters. On top of this crappy cold. I am stuck in the house, not far from the bathroom. People are always surprised I still get it,not that it's a common conversation topic. But it does come up sometimes. I just keep hoping that this is the last one!?!?

Any way the kids were here all Sunday after church until after supper. I really enjoy that. It reminds me of growing up and going to Grandma and Grandpa's every Sunday.The same house we live in now. Watching the little one's play is great. I hope we will always be able to continue the tradition in some way.

Aubrey got her quilt sewn and now she is tying it.It looks pretty good.She has decided not to do any more quilting. It's not her thing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

When will it stop?

I have had a "cold" for 16 days now. I am so tired of it. Kim brought it home and one by one we have all succombed in some way. Alair, Erik, HyeIn and I the worst. Alair's cough is terrible. Erik missed a day of work, and that he never does. I think I feel some better today. My voice is not right yet. Emily has it now and since she'd pregnant it gets a little harder to deal with the symptoms. Oh yeah, Kim is getting a relapse. I think he will go to the dr. on Monday.

I got Aubrey's jean quilt pinned top to bottom. She is coming today to finish it. Yeah, we aren't going to get fabric today. I hope I can go next week sometime. I want to get started.

It's snowing again today. Just supposed to be an inch or two. I guess if we get two more feet, we will have a new all time record. If we get close we might as well go for it. We usually get a lot of snow in March.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Our German exchange student, Nina, asked a boy to prom several weeks ago. Since then, this seemingly nice boy follows her around constantly. He was here for supper a few weeks ago and was polite and said the table prayer with us. I generally watch when new people come here for a meal to see how they react to us praying before we eat. I think you can tell alot by the look on their face. I was impressed at the time. Since then I'm not so sure. The local boys basketball team is undefeated in their conference. They have a game here Saturday night. I assumed both exchange students would go and probably Kim. Nina says AJ wants to go to a movie. I told her she should go to the game. She thought AJ would get mad, but she would rather go to the game. I said use me as your excuse. Whenever you don't want to do something just say I won't let you. Our older kids did this all the time. I think Nina should tell him that she wants to go to prom with him, but she's not ready for a relationship with any one yet. And she's going back to Germany in June.She just turned 16 in November and AJ turned 19 last week. HyeIn thinks they should just break up. I do feel responsible for our exchange students. They have to make a lot of their own decisions but I keep thinking their parents trust us with them. Not to let anything happen to them. I take that trust seriously.

The sun is out and it's pretty warm today. Another storm is to come Sunday into Monday. Thry're not sure how bad it will be yet. I just wish it would miss us.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Right now I have been sort of in limbo. I have things to do but don't want to start yet. HyeIn's prom dress doesn't need to be done until the end of April. Aubrey's dress won't take long and she won't wear it until spring. Who knows when that will be! Basement should be organized, but it can wait..... Then I get the phone call I need. Our Pastor's wife called and asked if I would sew their daughter a Confirmation/Easter dress. I am giddy with excitement! Now I will clean house and start the other projects because I have to. This weekend I will get fabric for HyeIn and next week make Aubrey's dress and then start HyeIn's. The basement will still wait. Can't do everything at once.

The sun is shining brightly today. We got about 8 inches and school was late today. Kim picked up Emily, Carly and Dakota yesterday morning as they had cabin fever. Andy came around noon. The roads were pretty bad yet and the snow hadn't stopped. I made a beef stew for supper and served it over leftover mashed potatoes from Emily. Really good!

I have to go to town early today. Emily asked if I had any egg noodles and I don't. So I will get her some. She has been throwing up and that's what sounds good I guess.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Snow Storm

Tonight we are under a winter storm warning from midnight till 6am on Monday. 6-12 inches expected. The all male play is going on in Morristown this weekend. I was hoping to go tonight, but Alair still has a fever and someone will have to stay home with her. Probably me. Kim and the fes will go. I think this is Erik's fourth year in it.

Aubrey and I are going to work on her quilt in the shop today. She need to put the binding on yet and then tie it. It was pretty cold out there, so we are waiting for it to heat up. We also have to go into town and get a few things before the storm comes. The exchange students have their cast party today, glad it's not tomorrow. They also had their last basketball game last night. Nina scored a three pointer. She was so excited! Now we have a break.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Babies

Emily didn't teach on Monday. Instead, she threw up most of the day. Tuesday she did go to work, so I got to babysit Carly. After dance, Alair and I went to Nina and HyrIn's last home basketball game. They didn't get to play because the score was too close. They did win though. They have a game on Friday and then there is a break between sports. A little less running for me.

I went with Emily to the doctor on Wednesday. She got to hear the heart beat and the dr. said everything looked good. She is due on Oct.9th and will have her c-section on Oct.3rd. Allison went to the dr. also and she is due Oct.5th. They may induce her the week before so she gets her dr. and chris can be there. She went pretty fast the first time and will probably go faster this time.

Alair is home sick with a fever today and so is HyeIn. I'm not any better yet either. Emily wants to come over for supper tonight so they can watch Idol. I will just have to make a little more. Last night I didn't eat or cook. tonight I will.
I have to clean up the kitchen and do laundry.

It's very foggy this morning and supposed to get up to 52 today. Can't wait! The snow is melting fast. There is more coming Sunday though.

Monday, February 14, 2011


I really hate missing Bible Study on Sunday mornings. I had a scratchy and phlemy throat and couldn't swallow good, so we stayed home. Aubrey took the girls to Sunday School and she tried to stay at Bible Study, but because the girls had gotten to bed so late last night, Natalie wasn't having it. So she had to leave. The kids came over for dinner and we had chicken enchiladas. Erik and Ashley laft after eating to find Erik a dress for the all male cast play next weekend. No luck. He always takes a lot of teasing for being such a "pretty woman". The play is always good, though.
Everyone stayed through supper and we just had left overs. We watched the first hour or so of the Grammys and then everyone went home.

Today I have Claire and Natalie here as Claire has a cough and fever. Here we go again.

Alair took valentines we made yesterday to school. I spent more time helping her make those few valentines then I did with all 5 other kids together. Things really change when you have a child later in life. You just seem to have more one on one time, more patience. The exchange students and grandchildren were all making valentines at the kitchen table also. It was pretty wild. But alot of fun.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday and Saturday

I ended up making lemon muffins and two kinds of coffee cake. All new recipes, all very good. Emily and Andy got their new bed delivered yesterday, so Emily was late getting here for Bible Study. Andy brought pizza for supper and then they hung around until Carly's bed time.

This morning, Aubrey and the girls came over and we moved toys into the basement. Erik moved the little sofa out of his room into the living area. I also want to get the sofa out of the pool house and into the basemen too. We will have to come in through the north entry and that won't happen until some snow melts.This afternoon we are going to Mankato to get craft things for Alair to make valentines for the kids at her school.

Tomorrow kids are coming for dinner. I am making chicken enchiladas.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good News

I talked with Alair's teacher when I dropped her off this morning, and she said the board voted to keep the school open next year even if there aren't any more students. We have heard that there are several parents interested in sending their kids next year.


Hopefully, today I get to finish laundry. I have 10 loads of laundry that need folding up. No exageration! I just have not had time to do it. It seems I am constantly running. At least the clothes are clean.

We had taxes done yesterday and that is all I'm going to say about that. Also Alair, Nina and I had our hair cut. To get it to work out I had to make three trips out to Jill's. And since it was Wednesday, I had Ashley here too and had to take her into town. Nina is really happy with what Jill did so I am relieved.

Bible Study is here tomorrow and I think I will make scones and devon cream.

I want to put the toys in the basement now that Emily and Andy have moved out. It will be more convenient for every one. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

Allison and Evelyn got here late Thursday night. Friday morning, we picked up Emily and Carly and went to Bible Study at Carmen's. They stayed at our home until we went to pick up Alair at school.

Saturday, Allison woke up with a migraine so I told Aubrey not to come until lunch time. We had baked chicken strips, macaroni and cheese and corn for supper. This was what Claire wanted. I also made a Barbie birthday cake. She requested dark purple on the dress. Andy had me get old pictures out. Christine had never seen any of the kids when they were young. So that was a hoot also.

Sunday we went to church. Allison still had a bad headache and stayed home. Lunch was leftovers from the night before. Then I started cooking for supper. We had cockdoggies, pot stickers and muffaletta sandwiches. I like fusion cooking. The muffaletta spread recipe I found was heavenly! I didn't cheer for either team. I'm a diehard Vikings fan and just can't bring myself to cheer for some other team....especially the Packers.

Yesterday we got a new dog from the Brown County Humane Society. Her name is Mandy. I'm not sure what she is..some sort of terrier mix. She is just over a year old.

Tomorrow we are getting our taxes done and Thursday Russ from Thrivent comes over. Friday Bible Study is here so I have to clean house. Today I babysit Carly and then go to Nina and HyeIn's basketball game. I think Aubrey will be over for supper as the girls have a daddy visit from this morning till tomorrow night.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Another Late Start

Ok. So yesterday school was late again. I had to take Emily to the Dr. in Mankato and Kim had to leave early for work. Nina and HyeIn would leave before Alair had to. I took Alair to Aubrey's and she would take Alair to school on the way to Cannon Valley. Aubrey goes out to open the garage and nothing happens. She tried everything she could think of and called Kim and he had a few suggestions. Nothing worked. Aubrey called me and I had my phone turned off as I was at the dr. I finally looked at my phone and saw I had 5 missed calls from Aubrey. I still had to get groceries and a birthday gift for Claire, so we did that and then Emily wanted to eat something as she felt sick. So after that I picked up Aubrey and Alair and took them to their respective schools. Emily and Carly stayed with Claire and Natalie. Then took Aubrey back home and picked up Emily and Carly and took them home. Mrs. Cram volunteered to bring Alair and Ashley to our house. Ashley's mom picked her up about 4:30. Kim stopped at Aubrey's house on the way home and figured out the problem, came home for tools and went back to fix it. Crazy day!

Emily and Carly are here today. Emily wants to work in the shop. Allison is coming today also. Probably good she is. It's supposed to be icy tomorrow. I am so tired of winter this year.

Yesterday I got stuff to make muffaletta sandwiches on Sunday. Hope they turn out good. The ingredients in the spread were pretty expensive.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day

Yesterday school ended up closing after all. So I didn't get much done. I had to make rolls for Kim to take to a customer so we had fresh rolls last night. Andy brought Emily and Carly over in the morning. Emily found out she is pregnant and got VERY sick over night. Her doctor called in a prescription and Kim went in to get it. I take her to the dr. tomorrow. This morning she feels some better. She still doesn't want to eat anything. I think her sickness is a positive thing as she wasn't sick hardly at all when she lost the last two pregnancies. We shall see. They aren't telling people yet.

I took Alair to school today and the roads were pretty crappy. She has dance today and then we go to Nina and HyeIn's basketball game. Alair said she doesn't like days when she has three things to go to. Yeah, she gets pretty tired by the time we get home and have supper. There are only three weeks of basketball left for the ninth grade team. Then we have a break until softball and track start.