Sunday, February 24, 2013


Some good things have happened since my last post. First here is a picture of Dannie in his baptism outfit I made. Then here is a picture of the purple chasuble I made for our church. Got it done just in time for Ash Wednesday. Also, my cholesterol is way down.  Then I had to have my A1c level done and found out I have type 2 diabetes. I meet with to people this week to explain things and what I do now.  I am on Metformin. I know I will be testing my blood.  Not sure how often. We got lp and I start swimming again tomorrow. The pool had to go from 45 to 82.  Not there yet today.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Blues

I really don't like this time of year.  It has been very cold, cloudy, icy and snowy. I don't want to get up in the morning and I don't have any motivation to get anything done. I had been swimming an hour a day,5 days a week until a couple weeks ago. Can't get the lp tank filled to heat the pool. Kim's sales haven't been very good and income is totally based on commission.....swimming is a luxury.  Even though it helped my joints and mood and gave me much energy.
   In January, Dannie got baptized and we stayed in Hibbing for that. It was nice. The baptism was very interesting. Kim recorded it on his ipod.
   Last weekend was Claire's birthday. People came on Saturday for supper. Honestly, I didn't want to do anything for it. I have been very emotional and want to sleep.  Hope spring comes soon.