Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 22

  Here I am, sitting in my chair on Sunday morning. We should have attended church at 7:45 and Bible Study at 9:00. Alair should have attended Sunday School after church.  The morning started out fine. We all woke up at 6:00 and ate and started getting ready. Alair started complaining she had a stomach ache and felt like throwing up. She had a low fever. We decided to stay home. Good thing we did. At the time we would be in the car on the way to church, Alair had diarrhea.  As it was, she didn't make it to the bathroom.  A while later, she was vomiting with diarrhea. We are now watching movies and waiting to see how things go.  She missed two days of school last week with nasty cold symptoms and a fever.
  Yesterday, we went to Stillwater to do some shopping. Aubrey, Troy, Claire, Natalie, Carsen, Carly, Corine and Erik went along. We ate at Leo's Grill and Malt Shop. Got olive oil, tea, bottle openers, a new smoker for spring and a gift for Pastor and Mrs. Palm. Then we went back to the Twin Cities, to Ingebritsen's. Kim got some fish and Aubrey and I got some adorable little prints of trolls and little children.  After that, we stopped at HyVee and picked up pizza for supper.  Emily and Andy came to pick up their girls after going to a marriage retreat sponsored by their church. Carly and Corine stayed with us since Thursday. Friday, Claire and Natalie had a sleep over here too. It was a very busy time. We didn't plan on doing anything today except church, but then we didn't even get to do that. I hope Alair feels better soon.

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