Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Roads

  Yesterday started out not so good. It was snowing. I know it is winter in Mn, but it seems every time I have to go somewhere, it is snowing buckets. Then, by the time the bus brings Alair home, the roads are cleared and all is fine. It has happened three times to me. I got ready and went to Nell's for Bible Study. The roads weren't great, but she lives in town, so I assumed the plows would be out on the main roads sooner than smaller township roads. I parked on the street as I didn't want to get parked in. I was to go to North Morristown for lunch duty and had to leave early. As I was walking up to the house I slid on ice. Didn't fall.  I asked if someone would walk me down to the car when I had to leave. Annette walked me down to my car and we both slid. Didn't fall that time either. Started out for North Morristown and just turned onto the Camp Omega Road when I hit ice. Yup, I did everything I shouldn't. I didn't drive into it and over compensated. I ended up in the ditch. Kim was in Iowa. I called Aubrey. I told her where I was, and since Carsen had to be pulled out last week, she called the tow truck and came to where I was to help if she could. Adrenalin was rushing and I was an emotional mess. I called the school to say I wasn't going to make it. I got pulled out and Aubrey followed me home. I was still shaking.  Kim got home. Roads were much better. Alair got home. She got her homework done and so we were able to go to supper at church and Vespers. The day definitely ended on a high note.

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

We've had a lot of snow and ice here in Cleveland as well, although the snow days the schools around here have had have been more related to bitter cold than heavy snow. Stay safe!