Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Cleaning

 Last week I got the urge to clean. It really doesn't happen often. I don't just mean basic cleaning...I mean going down into the seedy underbelly of our house. Where water had backed up from the floor drain, flooding the floor and ruining things that had been stored in cardboard boxes. This flooding happened several years ago. At the time, we just threw out some things we could see were totally ruined and decided to deal with the rest when we had time. Last week I had time. There were about 30 tubs of stuff collected over almost 38 years of marriage, 6 kids and assorted parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I decided to do a quick keep, throw with everything first and then sort everything out later. Friday, Kim started hauling boxes of garbage out. Saturday, he loaded the pick-up twice and hauled it in. He has one more load to take tomorrow. Now I will sort what is left into categories. There are thousands of pictures to sort out, but that will happen another time with the kids helping. Each kid will get a bin with their stuff in. Special school papers and mementoes of their younger days. There will also be more throwing out of things at this time. I still need to scrub the floor and move around some boxes yet. I would do a lot this week, but I found out on Friday that Erik wants to have is birthday party here and Allison and Chris and family are coming down. I can't leave stuff out as Mila and Dannie probably won't leave it alone. I will start on a clutch for Cora for her wedding and look at what I plan on making Alair for Easter this week. I still have teddy bears to finish too. I feel really good about getting this much done and hopefully getting more done soon.

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