Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Busy Times

Last weekend was crazy and I don't see it changing any time soon. Saturday we went to a Lia Sophia party at Emily's home. It was nice and I ordered a couple things, but realized the only way I could afford the ring I wanted was to host a party. So I am. In June. After Bullhead Days. After that we went to the Spring Salad Luncheon at Louise's church. It was nice. Then for supper we went to the Legion in Elysian for burgers. Then ice cream at the little stand there.

Sunday we went for coffee at the local cafe with all the kids. Then they all came oveer for hotdogs. We had a mandatory pre-departure orientation we had to go to with the fes in the afternoon. Then the kids came for supper.

Alair got the viris that Claire, Natalie, and Aubrey had. She coughs just horribly at night and for a long time. Cough medicine helps but she usually starts in before I can give her any more. She has missed two days now, so I hope she can go to school tomorrow. She has a couple assignments due yet and graduates Thursday.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The flower girl dress made it in time and the little girl said she felt like a princess. That is really why I sew. I want people to look good and they look much better when their clothes fit right. I love it when someone comes with a prom dress or wedding dress and it doesn't fit right and they leave and it really looks good.

Christine and Andy made their weekly trek to the er on Sunday. Her blood pressure was way up and now she is on total bed rest. I am to take her to her appointment on Thursday.

Got Nina's costume almost done. The play is Friday. Should finish today. I need to clean and catch up in the house.

Friday Alair's school is going to Como Zoo. The girls are all going too. Kim is driving the bus. Should be fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Monday I went with Christine to have a level 2 ultrasound. Things have changed in the last 22 years. It was neat to see the baby move and yes it definitely is a boy. She had another appointment today and her protein levels are up to 284....300 is the number where the baby has to be born. Andy thinks next week. Christine does not feel well and is pretty swollen. She is on modified bed rest. The baby is breathing so they will get to give birth in Mankato. Yippee! Oh yeah! Her due date isn't until June 27.

I got the flower girl dress done and shipped. The wedding is Saturday and I hope it gets there. I just couldn't spend 25 dollars for express shipping. Tonight I will start Nina's play costume. Then the baptism outfit.

Tomorrow I go with Emily to her doctor appointment. Then buy food for Natalie's birthday party on Saturday. Busy,busy,busy!

Friday, May 6, 2011


I think I finally somewhat understand how homeschooling parents feel. We decided to send our 5 year old to a VERY small Lutheran school. It had been going for about 100 years. For various reasons it closed two years ago. It opened last fall again.My husband and I jumped at the chance to send Alair there. We knew the teacher and she had many years of christian school teaching experience. There were 6 kids, grades k-2. People thought it was great that we were sending our daughter there, but it wasn't for them. They just complained about the over crowding of the public school. Now I have nothing against the teachers in the public school. I know almost all of them and they are wonderful. I just don't like the teacher-student ratio and we want Alair to have a Christian education where the teacher can use Bible stories and references when she wants. Anyway, last week a parent of a girl that was with Alair in ECFE last year came up to me in the local grocery store and asked if Alair was coming to public school next year. I said no. This mother looked puzzled and asked how many kids were going there. Well 4 now, more to start in the fall. She said "You like that?" I said yes. She said "You know she has to come into the real world some time." I was shocked and didn't know what to say.Now really, Alair goes to dance and Sunday School. She plays with her nieces several times a week. We have two exchange students living with us this year and have had others she remembers. In her school one of the students is from India. There are Lutherans, a Baptist, and a Catholic going there. How much more diverse can it get? Next year there will be boys, too! For Mother's Day, these girls set a table with table cloth, china, and glass glasses and made name cards, Mother's Day cards, and painted clay pots and planted flowers in them for us mothers. Yesterday they served us breakfast. They pulled out our chairs. The two first graders read a prayer and the two kindergarteners read the menu. Then they took our plates to the kitchen and brought us food. Then they sat down by us to eat also. They got us seconds if we wanted and when we were done they cleared the table and did dishes. Public school? I don't think so. I also don't know how many kindergarten classes are doing three book reports in the last month of school. Alair's is. I think in the end the public school kids are missing out.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Both Good Looking Couples

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HyeIn's Prom Dress

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I started HyeIn's dress Wednesday after Palm Sunday. I worked on it as much as I could. Everyone was here for Easter and I had to clean house some and there is always laundry to do. Plus driving kids around. Easter was very nice. The temp was warm and the kids were outside all afternoon. They were awfully tired too as we had gotten up to go to 6:00 church. I sewed every day this last week except Thursday. Emily and I went to Mankato to get the embellishments for the dress and then went to the hospital to stay with Christine until Andy got there. She was admitted with high blood pressure and a severe headache she had for 3 days..She was released late afternoon. I made the garters on Friday and most of the dress got done then. I finished it Saturday morning. It was hard to have fittings when there were track meets. Both girls looked beautiful. They had a great time. We took Francis home after Sunday Dinner with all kids present and Louise and Al. Now I can relax....till the next big project.